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Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global

Nana is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who has a magician / support hero role. Most Mobile Legends gamers think Nana’s hero is useless or does not work in competition, but they actually do Nana hero very useful for dangerous counter-heroes.

Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Nana Mobile Legends

Hero Nana is actually very annoying when you meet her, the most annoying skin of Hero Nana is Molina Smooch’s ability, this Nana can turn your opponent into a very cute mouse and slow 1.5 seconds to do battle points and 299 with diamonds.

The story of heroine Nana in Mobile Legends

The moon elves weren’t the only race that called the enchanted forest home. The feline elf breed Leonis also lives in the forest. Lucum is friendly and not involved in world conflicts, they are the true inhabitants of the Encahted Forest, which makes the area a paradise in the country. As the oldest people of the magic forest, they have a strong natural talent for everything that has to do with magic.

Nana is the special one among the Leonins. With a cheerful personality and a thirst for adventure, she is curious about everything new and hopes one day to leave her home and see the world.

But Nana also has a mischievous side that often causes trouble for those around her. She is naturally gifted with strong magical abilities, but doesn’t know how to control them. The worst moment is when she loses control of her powerful abilities which resulted in the destruction of almost half of the forest. To protect Leonin from his uncontrollable magic, Nana decides to leave her home, on her way she meets a moon elf named Miya, who suppresses Nana’s magical abilities and then teaches her the secrets of the moon elf to control magical energy, the clever Nana quickly mastered the technique and became powerful magicians and the Leonin clan. He decides to follow Miya to the Land of Dawn and to look for a new king with her.

After reading Land Of Dawn or the story of Hero Nana in Top Global Mobile Legends, now you need to know Nana’s heroine skills:

  • Molina’s Blitz (Passive)Nana and her surrounding teammates receive an additional 10 gold from Molina every 10 seconds.
  • Magic Boomerang (Active 1)Nana throws a magical boomerang in the direction indicated. When hit by an enemy, it deals 180 (+ 60% total magic strength) magic damage and slows for 1.5 seconds each time it hits the enemy.
  • Molina Schmusen (Active 2)
    Nana calls Molina and sets a trap for her. When an enemy hero enters the area, Molina will target and pursue him. Enemies hit by Molina transform into a cat spirit, taking 180 (+ 50% total magical power) magical damage and a 1.5 second slow effect.
  • Molina Blitz (Ultimate)
    Nana summons Molina in a certain area and inflicts 3 attacks in a straight line. Each attack causes 360 (+ 180% total magic strength) magic damage and a 2s slow effect in the area of ​​the enemy. If the attack is hit on the same hero twice, the opponent gains an additional stun effect for 1 second.

After relaunching Nana’s heroine skills in this article, Build Gear Items are Nana Mobile Legends Top Global, NanaTop Global, NanaTop Player, Local Nana Top, Nana Items, Build Nana Savage, Nana ml Items, Nana Items Great Damage, Sick Nana, Strongest Nana, Nana Item, Newest Nana Jess No Limit Item, Newest Nana Build, Sick Nana Build, Sick Nana Assassin, Deadly Nana Build, Strongest Nana Build, Nana Build 2021 :

  • Demon shoes
    Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Disaster Reaper
    Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Lightning stick
    Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Divine glaive
    Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Holy crystal
    Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blood winds
    Build equipment Nana Mobile Legends Top Global

The build above is Nana’s strongest build in Mobile Legends then Combat spells Which hero to use Nana:

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