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Equipment build Leomord Mobile Legends Top Global

Equipment build Leomord Mobile Legends Top Global

This time around, Moonton released another new hero named Leomord the Riding undead knight this hero is from Dark Abyss, Leomord told as a knight from the kingdom of the fortress of despair, who declares his loyalty to the king and queen.

Equipment build Leomord Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Lemord Mobile Legends

Leomord’s loyalty was tested by Queen Vexana, who turned everyone in the kingdom into zombies, was disappointed and desperate, and ended his life with her own hands. hero leomor can be bought in the shop with battle points 32,000 and 419 diamonds.

Story of Hero Leomord Mobile Legends:

On a day like today, the tiger eel and his expeditionary forces of light stormed into the fortress of despair with all their might and quickly defeated so many undead hiding there. After this defeat, Vexana realized that she had to find a strong partner who could face the power of the Warrior of Light, otherwise he would suffer a crushing defeat, Vexana wandered here and there, carefully thinking about someone who had the power to defeat the tiger eel.

Suddenly a vivid image of a face from the past flashed through his mind … Leomord.

Long ago, the Fortress of Despair was the center of a kingdom so beautiful and rich that Leomord and his Royak Knight swore to protect their King and Queen, who were none other than Vexana, through the fate of death Leomord’s sword, but one day the kingdom was destroyed. On that day Vexana turned all creatures into undead, Lionhart fell into despair, although he can defeat all the evil that attacks this kingdom, he cannot draw his sword against this woman who was once his queen. He couldn’t bear to see the kingdom he loved and which he had sworn to save from ruin, Leomord ended his own life in grief and despair.

Leomord’s vitality and determination flared up so violently that Vexana could not control him in his ghost form, but with the fortresses of desperation in great danger, he had no choice but to resurrect Leomord when he rose from the dead, soul of horrific Pain and despair filled and whispered sweetly in his ear. then all this innocent soul will suffer an eternal curse.

Leomord has no choice, he prefers to submit to Vexana’s magic than to let his friends suffer. Leomord conjures up his favorite horse Barbiel and his famous sword The Qath Keeper.

Just as the expeditionary force of Light entered the terrible fortress of Desapir, Leomord and Barbiel attacked the invaders with a black lightning bolt. Many of the expeditionary power of light were destroyed, none of them could withstand the swing of Leomord’s sword or so they thought, Tigeral stood there challenging Leomord and drew his sword of dawn against Leomord, when their swords clashed, Tigeral could feel sadness and despair feel Leomord from his sword, Tigeral realized that day that he had met one of the strongest opponents he had ever met.

after reading the story Land of the Dawn or Leomord Mobile Legends hero story you also need to know the skills the hero has Leomord:

  • The Oath Keeper (Passive)This skill doubles Leomord’s basic attack. The passive skill effect is activated when he is near an enemy whose blood (HP) is below 40%. The activation of this skill is indicated by a blue glowing spear weapon.
    When you see the effect, you might think that this ability is nothing special. However, if you look again, it is precisely this passive skill effect that can be the key to Leomord’s GG. You see, he gets stronger as the enemy gets weaker. Imagine the team struggling with the enemy’s HP situation that is almost dying. It will be very easy for Leomord to flatten the enemy in the blink of an eye.
  • Dynamics (Active 1)Leomord assumed an attacking stance that gave him a shield. Then he attacks opponents in the attack area with physical damage of 450/510/570/630/690/750 (skill level 1-6, + 120% total physical attack). This attack also grants a 60% slowing effect against enemies in the attack area.
    The longer the square, the greater the damage. On the one hand, this skill can be interrupted if you are attacked by an enemy. So if the enemy attacks while you are staying, Leomord will attack immediately.
    This skill is quite OP due to its damage which is quite painful. Especially when you can get it out of it without being attacked by the enemy. Its long range also makes it able to attack enemies in large numbers.
  • Phantom Stomp (Active 1 driving mode)
    In drive mode, Barbiel jumps and removes a sharp stone from the ground. Damage to enemies within attack range is 450/510/570/630/690/710 (+ 100% total physical attack). Just like when you stop riding Barbiel, enemies affected by this skill will have a 60% slow effect.
  • Decimation Attack (Active 2)Leomord ran and attacked the enemy in front of him. Enemies within the skill area are exposed to 300/340/380/420/460/500 physical damage (+ 50% total physical attack). Just like Skill 1, Skill 2 has a slow effect. The difference is that the slowing effect for this skill is only 50%.
    As a skill of the blink type, it can be said that the mechanism of this skill is similar to the skilldash of Lancelot or Balmond. This skill can also make Leomord penetrate the wall. So this skill is not only great for attack, but also very useful when you need to run away from the enemy.
  • Phantom charge (active 2-drive mode) The mechanism of this skill does not differ significantly from skill 1 in driving mode. The difference is that no stones come out of the ground this time. Barbiel only attacks by jumping, dealing damage of 300/340/380/420/460/500 (+ 50% total physical attack) to opponents in front of him.
    This skill is also the same as the parent skill. Enemies affected by this skill will be affected by the crowd control (CC) effect in the form of recoil. Very good for introducing a team fight
  • Phantom Steed (ultimate)
    With this skill, Leomord summons his favorite horse Barbiel onto the battlefield. Barbiel then ran towards the hero. All enemies on Barbiel’s path are exposed to 350/475/600 physical damage (skill level 1-3, + 100% total physical attack). Enemies hit by Barbiel are also slowed by 50%.

after i knew Skills owned by heroes Leomord is back in this article Build Gear Item Leomord Mobile Legends Top Global, Leomord Top Global, Leomord Top Player, Leomord Top Local, Item Leomord Savage, Build Leomord Savage, Item Leomord ml, Item Leomord Damage big, Leomord Sick, Leomord’s strongest, newest Leomord item :

  • Fast boots
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  • Scarlet Phantom
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  • Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
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  • Berseker’s anger
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  • Blade of Despair
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the build is set up The strongest Leomord build Mobile legends before Combat spells Which hero to use Leomord?

Leomord hero emblem set?

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