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Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global

Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global

Balmond is a semi-tank hero, this hero can be used as a tank and can also be used as a fighter in Mobile Legends game. Balmond’s ability is very good, the damage done by Ultimate Balmond is very sick, it can kill the heroes behind.

Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global
Hero Balmond Mobile Legends

Hero Balmond I think this hero is similar to the Tusk hero in Dota 2 game, the tusk in Dota 2 has a snow ability, now the shape is similar to the tusk according to “masapet”, Balmond You can get it in the shop at a price of 6500 with Battle Points or 299 with Diamond. hero balmond If the pilot is great, this hero can quickly become very deadly to the enemy.

Story of Hero Balmond Mobile Legends

In the land of dawn, from the enchanted forest to the rift of the abyss, the blood demons use their noble bloodline and extreme intelligence to enslave the orcs, symbols of barbaric power. The blood demons saw orcs only as their slaves. In addition to foraging for food, the enslaved orcs were also tasked with hunting for a very special food for their master: the moon elf.

The orcs suffered greatly during their 30 years of slavery, and their great ancestor, the Mad Savage, hoped to end their time of slavery. The orcs had organized rebellions against the power of the blood demons in the past, but any such opposition had brought them death and destruction. In one of those larger rebellions, the wife of the leader of the rebellion lost her life giving birth to Balmond. Balmond was raised by his father and their clan of orcs. He won all of his battles against the Moon Elves and the humans, and many hoped that he would carry on his father’s legacy and lead the orc army.

Balmond grew wilder with every battle and became the strongest warrior of the orcs. Many years later. After his father grows old and nears death, he informs Balmond of the tragic death of his mother, which leads Balmond to become even more determined to free his people from slavery at the hands of the blood demon. Balmond led his orc tribe in a night raid on the main blood demon camp. He hoped to defeat the leader of the blood demons, Alice, and thereby break the bond between them. However, the blood demon turned out to be more powerful than Balmond had expected. In a moment of desperation, Balmond Demon has to bite one of the blood demons to suck her blood and gain her special power. the few remaining orcs followed suit and grew stronger as the blood demons became one with their own power. Now in a frenzy, Balmond brandished his Bloody ax and slaughtered all the blood demons in front of him. Alice knew she was no longer a normal orc, but a hybrid that would become known as the Bloodaxe Orc. the corners of his lips twisted into a grin as the balm approached, he raised his ax to get ready while the ax was still being swung, preparing to cut his head off his body Alice was not afraid of the ax was stopped by a mysterious force Just as he was about to touch Alice’s skull, Balmond realized that by acquiring the power of the blood demon, he was once again under Alice’s control, just one step towards freeing his people from the slavery that was his greatest wish freedom had failed once again.

To this day, these events weigh heavily on Balmond’s heart. He never intended to become a mutant orc, but he couldn’t escape Alice’s control.

After reading Land Of Dawn or the story of the Top Global Mobile Legends Hero Balmond, now you need to know the skills of the Balmond hero:

  • Thirst for blood (Passive)
    Balmond gains 4% health point regeneration of 4% of his total HP every time he kills a minion. If he kills an enemy, he also gains 10% health points regeneration.
  • Soul lock (active 1)
    This hero quickly moves towards the enemy, inflicting physical damage of 150 ~ 275 points on enemy heroes hit. After the attack hits the target, it will stop and reduce the enemy’s movement speed by 60% for 2.5 seconds.
  • Cyclone Sweeper (Active 2)
    For 3 seconds, Balmond spins his huge ax, inflicting physical damage of 65 ~ 140 points on enemies, minions and forest monsters around him.
  • Death number (ultimate)
    Balmond will take out his huge ax so that it does 350 ~ 650 physical damage plus 20% life loss of the enemy heroes in front of him as true damage.

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  • Warrior boots
    Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Damn helmet
    Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Blade armor
    Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global
  • immortality
    Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Antique cuirass
    Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global
  • Skyguard’s helmet
    Build equipment Balmond Mobile Legends Top Global

Build is up The strongest build of the Balmond Mobile Legends then Combat spells what to use Balmond hero?

  • aegis
  • Run (recommended)

Balmond Hero Emblem Set:

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