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Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global

Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global

Hero Aldous the Contractor is finally present at Mobile Legend Bang Bang Indonesia, Hero Aldous including Hero Fighter can replace Hero Alucard.

Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global
Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global

Hero Aldous can be bought in the shop with battle points of 32000 or with diamonds of 599. Aldous hero competes fiercely with Alucard heroes as both heroes have high durability and attack and skill effects, but still high Aldous, Aldous does enormous damage with Aldous first skill, every kill with skill 1 Aldous the damage skill increases when many kills skill 1 in 1 hit use.

Aldous Hero is considered to be easy and difficult to use, Aldous has a passive skill that can provide a shield after the third basic attack, and this effect is very synchronized when the timong matches the first skill so he has a large amount of Aldous – Can provide shield. If it fails, the shield will be very small and Aldous may not be as tough as expected.

The story of Aldous the contractor

Legend from the Land of Dawn has it that the Minoan Kingdom in the Western Desert has a mysterious labyrinth that houses a giant Minotaur statue that people consider to be a symbol of the Minoan Kingdom. some say that a group of contractors guard the entire maze. The Minoan Kingdom produces many precious gemstones, which brings great wealth to the Minoan people. The whole work was quickly devoured by the attraction of the unbelievable wealth of gold, even many contractors who were charged with guarding the sacred labyrinth became angry. only one remained – Aldous, who never forgot his duty to keep guarding the Minoan labyrinth.

until one day a god came down from heaven to punish the land. The power of light and black destroyed the entire Minoan kingdom, which even Adous could not escape. Then two currents of energy entered his body, Aldous thought he was going to die, but the two currents of energy collided and caused a great change in his body. his skin grew with long black scales that could withstand most attacks and large hands that easily instilled fear into people’s hearts. When Aldous awakens from his confusion, he finds the work of his people lost, but the mysterious labyrinth has now been sealed by an unknown force.

He and the remaining Minotours decided that Aldous would keep the maze, the rest of the universe traveled to the land of dawn to find answers, the news of the mysterious power that sealed the Minan maze quickly spread throughout the abyssal kingdom to collect this strange energy.

after knowing the story of Hero Aldous Let’s discuss Hero Aldous’ abilities as follows:

  • Contract: Transform (Passive)
    every 2 normal attacks convert 100% of the damage Aldous does from the next normal attack into a shield for 3 seconds. This effect is activated every 3 seconds.
  • Contract: Soul Theft (active skill 1)
    Aldous releases power to reinforce the next normal attack. When attacking minioms or jungle monsters, the damage of this skill increases by 100%
  • Contact: Exposure (active skill 2)
    Aldous takes a defensive stance for 2 seconds. During the duration, Aldous becomes immune to normal attacks and other damage tips received are reduced by 30%. After 1 second, he can use this skill again to end his defensive stance immediately. After that, the shield will explode, causing certain physical damage to the area while stunned for 1 second.
  • Contact: Chase Fate (ultimate) is active
    Aldous can see enemy positions all over the map for 5 seconds. During this period, Aldous can use this skill again, jump straight ahead and win the target position within sight. When he hits an enemy, Aldous deals a certain amount of physical damage and recoil for 1 second. Stopping this skill in the middle will reduce the cooldown of the skill by 30% of the total cooldown.

Now that we have learned about the history and skills of Aldous Hero, let’s get back to the topic Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global , the subject is almost similar to hero alucard, but when aldous is used Build Item Top Global Aldous, Build Item Top Player Aldous will get 1x against opponents , can be closed Build deadly Aldous items as follows :

  • Warrior Boots (Speed ​​& Defense)
    Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global
    Warrior boots

    Can hold Aldous longer in battle.

  • Thunder belt
    Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global
    Thunder belt

    This item gives Aldous an extra attack when he spends a skill. In addition, this item also has a slow effect on nearby enemy members. and becomes a very deadly item in combination with Blade Of Despair.

  • Blade of Despair
    Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global
    Blade of Despair

    In addition to increasing life steal and mana, this item can also increase the next basic attack after using the skill.

  • Wings of the apocalypse
    Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global
    Wings of the apocalypse

    This unique item will certainly be very useful to Aldous. Not only does this item provide a sizeable amount of extra HP, but it also reduces damage taken when Aldous’ HP is below 40%.

  • Berserker’s rage
    Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global
    Berserker’s rage

    Berserker’s Fury is suitable for increasing the critical attack of Aldous.

  • Blade of Despair
    Build equipment Aldous Mobile Legend Top Global
    Blade of Despair

    Blade of Despair is the deadliest attack item in Mobile Legends.

The ruffles used by Aldous Hero are

The spell of Aldou’s hero is

  • numb
    To use the Aldous fighting spell, recommends the stunning spell. Because you can combine this spell with Aldous’ ability 2, namely Contract: Explosion.
  • retribution
    The next recommended combat spell is retribution. This spell is perfect for those of you who enjoy farming so that Aldous can get gold faster.

Above is an article about Hero Aldous gear, thank you.

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