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Build equipment Selena Mobile Legend Top Global

Build equipment Selena Mobile Legend Top Global

The new heroine who appeared after Kaja was Selena Moonton, who updated the latest Mobile Legends Advanced server in patch 1.2.64 and released her newest heroine named Selena who has skills like Roger’s 6 skill hero, Roger transforms into easy twists into a wolf into a magician.

Build equipment Selena Mobile Legend Top Global
Selena Mobile Legend Top Global Items

Hero Selena is an assassin / magician type with magical elements, the price is 32000 Battle Points and 599 with diamonds.

Selena is a young dark elf who is sacrificed by fanatics as a sacrifice for black energy, the elf is the devil’s favorite sacrifice, Selena is mercilessly thrown into the abyss, the abyssal demon fills Selena with despair and pain that runs through all veins The blood runs out her tiny body, for a moment Selena was about to be engulfed in the darkness, a miracle happened, a warm and mysterious blue light enveloped her and seemed to struggle with the darkness above her fragile body. When Selena woke up, she found herself still in the Abyss, but her skin now radiated a strange blue light and her once lavender eyes were filled with a red glow full of grace – the Abyss demon lived in her. The devils were desperately confused by what was happening.

Now that we know the story of Hero Selena, we know about Hero Selena’s abilities. The following skills belong to Selena:

after you know Selena’s abilities and the meaning of the new hero selena back to the topic of discussion, namely Build equipment Selena Mobile Legend Top Global, From the above summary, many of Selena’s abilities lead to the magical type, so it can be concluded that the items that Selena will use are of the magical type, like Vexana or Edoura, so what item / equipment is Selena’s hero suitable for? I think the assassin is a killer, combined with a magician it fits perfectly, you see Build equipment Selena Mobile Legend Top Global As follows :

  1. Disaster Reaper
    Disaster Reaper

    + 70 magical power, + 100 mana, +30 mana regeneration, + 10% cooldown reduction

  2. Arcane boots

    Arcane boots

    + Magic pen

  3. Enchanted talisman

    Enchanted talisman

    +50 Magical Power, +250 HP, + 20% Cooldown Reduction

  4. Concentrated energy

    Concerted energy

    +700 Magical Power, +700 HP

  5. Devil’s tears

    Devil tears

    +65 magical power

  6. Blood wing

    Blood wing

    +1500 Magical Power, + 500 HP

is up Build Gear Hero Selena Mobile Legend Top Global , Pro Player Hero Selena key is to practice and master the hero. Don’t forget to use the Retribution or Flicker emblem on this Selena hero.

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