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Title: ANGELA supports Mobile Legend The Incarnation of Kankuro
Link: ANGELA Support Mobile Legend The Incarnation of Kankuro

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ANGELA supports Mobile Legend The Incarnation of Kankuro

That one support hero is enough to get guys’ attention, that hero is called Angela. Angela, serial number 55, is a role-assisted heroine. This hero has the ultimate in invading friends’ bodies, and Angela can move in with friends at will while the friend’s hero is still alive.

Angela’s own hero skills have the ability to bind enemies .. hmmm curious about the skills ?? Let’s see starting with the story guys.

Angela the new heroine – BunnyloveDr. Gogh was one of the founders of Lab 1718, an institution founded with the aim of bringing peace to the world. But as his co-founders get deeper and deeper into the botched experiment of human neglect, Dr.
Gogh felt that he had no choice but to leave and pursue a new project.

Despite the questionable ethics of human experimentation, he strives for new forms of life. made only from mechanical skeletons, puppet strings, and synthetic and finnaly skuns. A new generation of artificial life was born. DR. Gogh firmly believes that love and hope are mankind’s greatest inventions, so he programs the world’s most moving stories into the heart of his new creation. One fine morning, Peace Android Prototype 1 woke up from his bed and Dr. Gogh named this adorable mechanical angel Angela.

Angela followed Dr. Gogh, studies hard to understand the world and hopes to live up to the high expectations of doctors. However, their peaceful coexistence was soon interrupted. When the mad scientist of 1718 heard a rumor that Dr. Gogh had created a soul that lived outside the human body, they couldn’t believe it. They convince the subjects that Gogh betrayed them, keep that knowledge to themselves before they escape, so they order Dr. Gogh’s Past Creations Alpha and Beta, Dr. Gogh and his creations. When their pursuers approached them, Dr. Gogh puts Angela in a flight capsule and instructs her to find her best friend, Rooney.

What do you think of this cute heroine Angela?
Alan is very useful in helping the team to get the win if we know each of the guys’ abilities. Do you want to know what skills Angela has? We see a skill review below ..:

Angela’s passive ability: “Smart Heart”

Each time Angela spends a skill, movement speed increases by 10 to 30% for four seconds. This effect can also work on teammates. Very useful for heroes who don’t move too fast, guys

Angela’s first ability: “Love Waves”

Angela performs a crescent energy attack that injures her enemy and confers her lover mark status. If the enemy is hit by Lovers Mark, they will take 20 percent additional damage and a 10 percent reduction in movement speed. The lover’s mark can be stacked up to five times and the effect lasts for 4 seconds. When Love Waves meets a teammate, he becomes a healer with a healing capacity that increases with level. So the conclusion for this first skill we can use as a defense and it can attack opponents too, guys

Angela’s second ability: “Puppet-on-a-String”

Angela throws her puppet at the target, dealing magical damage. If the rope connecting Angela to the doll is not broken for 3 seconds, the target takes additional damage and is immobilized for 1.5 seconds. Each time the lover does additional damage. Yes, these two Angelas’ active abilities seem to be able to lock down enemies for a while, guys.

Angela’s Ultimate: “Heart Guardian”

Angela’s ultimate is quite unique, folks, that is, she is able to invade a teammate’s body wherever our friend is (unless he dies) hehe and create a shield that does 3 seconds of damage can absorb. After a certain amount of time, Angela will move towards the target heart guard for 12 seconds. Angela can leave her target if she reactivates her skill or the target hero dies. wow looks like a good rescue mission guys ..

In conclusion, this Angela hero is for those of you who need a support-type hero for enemy rescue missions, especially teams that are not always gangsters.

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