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Title: Moba game Onmiyoji Arena review
Link: Game moba Onmiyoji Arena Review

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Moba game Onmiyoji Arena review

On this occasion mlbb lovers will discuss the actually long existing Moba game, namely Onmiyoji. At first glance, the administrator is playing this game, the graphics that are owned are smoother, folks, you cannot be disappointed while playing this game. In addition, the heroes in this Onmiyoji game have several heroes that are similar to your favorite anime, for example, Inuyasa, WOW … !!!!

You can play Moba Onmiyoji on medium to high specification cell phones. At first glance, playing doesn’t differ that much from other Moba games, namely there are 3 lanes and of course jungle monsters. Each hero in Onmiyoji can reach a maximum level of 18 men, and so far each hero has 4 different skills. You can find some jungle heroes of different types in the forest. Even more interesting is that in the middle of the arena there is a large monster that you can kill quickly with the help of the team, which of course gives a reward when the monster dies. Heroes in Onmiyoji are known as SHIKIGAMI. There are 6 types of Shikigami in the Onmiyoji game, namely Shikigami with the role of samurai (fighter), magician, marksman, ninja (ass), tank and support. Remember guys, if you want to use a jungle item, only take the item when using the subjugation spell. The picture is like below

Like games with other moba genres, Onmiyoji games have game modes such as training mode, regular games, and ranked games. For the rank mode, you have to work hard to reach the highest rank of Onmiyoji as there are at least 8 levels to go up to the highest level. It can be seen as follows.

There are many other exciting things to do with this Onmiyoji game, so you can try this game for yourself by downloading it from your respective gadget playstore. A little opening video like below

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This is the Onmiyoji Arena review of the Moba toy item

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