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7 Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire, Which Game Is More Fun?

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

Not that long ago, Tencent re-released its newest Battle Royal game called PUBG Mobile Lite. This game has a similar gameplay to PUBG Mobile with only minor adjustments.

Since it is a lighter size, PUBG Mobile Lite has a minimum specification that is lighter than PUBG Mobile Lite. In this way, this new game can be a solution for those who want to play PUBG with low HP specs.

In the previous article, I discussed the comparison between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile Regular. Now in this article, I’ll also cover how PUBG Mobile Lite compares to Free Fire. Investigate whether this new game is designed to be a competitor to Free Fire in the gaming market, targeting users with lower mid-range HP specs.

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by Garena. This game has similar gameplay and features to its competitors, only that it requires lighter specs. Don’t be surprised if there isn’t a door in Free Fire because it is designed to make this game easy. However, this way it can be played with a potato HP.

Currently, however, Tencent is also releasing a low-level version of the PUBG Mobile game called PUBG Mobile Lite. That way, this will be a threat to Free Fire, the game with most of the players in Indonesia. Because most gamers prefer PUBG Mobile because it has better gameplay and features than Free Fire.

What are the differences between PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire? Let’s take a good look at the reviews below.

1. Graphics

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

Similar to the regular version of PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite is also included Unreal Engine 4. It’s just easier because there are some sectors that are being scaled down and adjusted. Many have been trimmed in terms of graphics from PUBG Mobile Lite.

Despite being almost the same size, Fre Fire has better graphics compared to PUBG Mobile Lite. Free Fire has smoother graphics and better lighting. While PUBG Mobile Lite doesn’t have good graphics quality, the animation looks like a cartoon.

In addition, we cannot adjust the graphics settings of PUBG Mobile Lite either. But we can still use the door function, unlike Free Fire which does not have such a function.

2. Functions and modes

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

In terms of features, Free Fire is still superior to PUBG Mobile Lite. But in my opinion it is still reasonable as this game has just been released and therefore doesn’t have all of the features of the regular version of the PUBG Mobile game.

Free Fire has more diverse functions, for example we can play in the mode Ranking list, classics, death race, and other functions. While PUBG Mobile Lite only has one game mode, namely Classic fashion.

Free Fire is still superior in card matters too. Free Fire has a more diverse map than PUBG Mobile Lite which only has one map.

Also, in PUBG Mobile Lite you cannot customize your character with unique weapon skins and cool costumes as it is still in the development process and therefore does not offer unique costumes like Free Fire that have been released a long time ago. However, your chances of getting cool costumes are greater than with Free Fire.


Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

PUBG Mobile Lite doesn’t have that good graphics quality, but if it is a gameplay issue then you don’t have to worry anymore. You can still feel the camera shake when you shoot or get hit by enemy grenades, like it does in the regular version of PUBG Mobile.

In terms of aiming or aiming, PUBG Mobile Lite is more realistic compared to Free Fire. The camera effect that vibrates while shooting and the recoil effect will challenge you to play this game. It’s different from Free Fire, which still has an auto aim feature that activates automatically when you shoot enemies. In addition, the lack of recoil makes it easier for you to shoot.

Oh yes, Free Fire lasts 10 minutes in a game and has 50 players. While PUBG Mobile Lite has 60 players.

4. Server

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

The server, of course, has a huge impact on playing an online game. A bad internet connection is sure to interfere with your game. Now Free Fire has a special server in Indonesia. This special server makes the game more stable and the internet connection faster.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile Lite does not have a dedicated server in Indonesia. In this way we have to join the Asian server in order to play. So don’t be surprised if this game becomes unstable at times. Even if our internet connection is fast, it will also be interrupted if the server fails.

5. Animations and colors

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

Although it doesn’t have graphics quality that isn’t as good as the regular PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite has smoother animation than Free Fire. You can feel it when running or reloading weapons.

In terms of graphics, Free Fire is superior to PUBG Mobile Lite, but has stiffer animations, so it looks like a robot. In terms of colors, Free Fire is lighter so it’s easy on the eye. While PUBG Mobile Lite is a bit dark in color.

The non-contrasting color of PUBG Mobile Lite is a little tricky for us when aiming at enemies on the ground. Low textures and low contrast colors are one of the weaknesses of this game.

6. Render

Comparing PUBG Mobile Lite to Free Fire

Rendering is the process of creating an image from a model using a computer. The better the rendering of a game, the greater the draw distance. Now it turns out that Free Fire has better rendering than PUBG Mobile Lite.

In PUBG Mobile Lite, you cannot clearly see objects, whether people or buildings, at a distance of 500 meters. That way, it becomes quite difficult to use a sniper to shoot enemies from a distance.

7. Minimum specification

In terms of the specs required to play PUBG Mobile Lite or Free Fire, it doesn’t get there folks. Because both contain battle royale games that are small in size so they can be used on even low spec smartphones. The following is a comparison of the minimum specifications of the two games.

Minimum specificationsFree firePUBG Mobile Lite
Central processorFour coreFour core
operating system4.34.0.3
R.A.M.2 GB1 GB
Rome600 MB400 MB

Those are the comparisons between the PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire games folks. Yes, every game has its advantages and disadvantages. Which game do you think is more worthwhile? Share your thoughts in the comments column.