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8 Ways To Survive In The Final Zone Of PUBG To Get Chicken Dinner

8 tips to survive in PUBG's final zone for a chicken dinner

You must be able to survive until the end of the fight or the end zone to get chicken food. Of course, if you find yourself in the end zone, you have to play carefully. Because the circle will continue to shrink while you also have to move carefully so that the enemy doesn’t notice.

But that is not the only thing to pay attention to. There are other things to watch out for as well. Well, in this article, I’m going to share a few tips to help you survive in PUBG Mobile’s end zone and finally get a chicken meal.

How to survive in PUBG’s mobile end zone to get a chicken dinner

At the end of the game (late game) the game will feel different than it did at the beginning of the game. This is because all players will play carefully so as not to be spotted by the enemy. Here’s how you can survive in the PUBG Mobile endzone.

1. Use the rifle scope 4x

When using a weapon like Assault rifle , then the shovel is only used up to 4x. Because if you use a riflescope up to 6x or higher, it will be difficult for you to see the area around you. Because your visibility is very far if you use a high rifle scope.

2. Use grenades

Use grenades when the game is in the end zone. Throwing grenades will make it easier for you to kill enemies quickly and easily. Throwing a grenade also means that the enemy does not know where the grenade came from.

In fact, you can’t just use grenades. You can use smoke bombs that cover the body and you can move from place to place easily because your movements are unknown to the enemy.

3. Find shelter

Then you need to immediately look for a shelter that is close to you. You can use stones, grass, trees, or buildings to protect yourself. This is of course very important when the game is too late. If you take cover, the enemy will be confused to find your whereabouts.

4. Don’t shoot

You also need a little patience if you want to shoot enemies. Because if you just shoot, it can be a golden opportunity for the enemy to know where you are. Wait until the time is right to shoot the enemy. You can use the sickest weapon to shoot the enemy to death.

5. Do not stand still while shooting

If you or your friends are in a shootout, do not be silent because the enemy will easily kill you. Move as neatly as possible, but shoot accurately. This can be difficult, but with a little practice you can get the hang of it as you shoot.

6. Always be on the edge of the zone

I recommend always staying on the edge of the zone. Many players choose to go to the center when the zone has shrunk, even if it becomes just an easy target for the enemy. Since the enemy is on the edge of the zone, it is difficult to find out where you are. This allows you to crawl to the center or the edge of other zones without being noticed by the enemy.

7. Think of all the possibilities

Do not be careless when the safety zone gets smaller, and you do not know where the enemy is. Pay attention to the surroundings, whether there is a hiding place. Because there is a possibility that the enemy is also hiding where we are going.

Usually the enemy lies down and crawls so other players don’t know. This way you can find out the position of the enemy or the direction of fire in the war.

8. Communication is more important than anything else

When you play with friends, communication becomes very important, especially as the zone gets smaller. If you see an enemy, tell your friends right away. If you hear gunshots or footsteps, tell your friends right away.

If you have actually been knocked down by the enemy and watched by the enemy, immediately tell your friends not to approach you as your friend could be the next target. Instead of having to help you, it is better to find the enemy’s position and eliminate the threat first. If it is safe, help your friend who has been knocked down.

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