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Mobile Legends - New Skins and Heroes Release Schedule for September 2021

Mobile Legends - New Skins and Heroes Release Schedule for September 2021

For some Mobile Legends players, you may already know that Moonton is always updated every month, whether it’s events, heroes, or systems. One of the most anticipated Mobile Legends players is skin and hero updates.

Well, in September it is also known that some skins will be released on the original server. Let’s check out the review below.

1. Skin Starlight Guinevere – Lotus (September 1st)

Skin Starlight Guinevere - Lotus

The September Starlight Skin Price is Guinevere Lotus. This skin will be released on September 1st, 2021. You must subscribe to a Starlight member to receive this Guinevere skin. This way, you will have to spend around 150,000 to subscribe. But the benefits of this starlight are many, so it’s not just getting premium skins.

In my opinion, this Starlight Guinevere Skin is very good. It really looks like she’s a noble, very beautiful one. In addition, the skill effect of this Lotus skin is also pretty good, standard for other starlight skins.

Guinevere is a fighter who has very difficult crowd control. Because if caught, the enemy is difficult to escape and can certainly be killed instantly. The combination of skill 2 and ultimate ability results in a relatively long crowd control and causes great damage. Cleansing is the best combat spell to avoid Guinevere’s combo ability. also read: Build items Guinevere Mobile Legends

2. Elite Granger Skin – Doomsday Terminator (September 3rd)

Skin Elite Granger - Doomsday Terminator

The next skin to be released in September is Granger. The skin type he got was Elite by the name of Doomsday Terminator. This Granger skin will be released on the original server on September 3rd, 2021. You can get this skin via New Arrivals in the shop. You have to draw with diamonds to get it.

Just like Elite skins in general, this Granger Doomsday Terminator skin is pretty good. Granger’s appearance is very scary and has a cold face. The skill effect created by this skin is pretty good too.

Granger is a marksman who is often used in the current meta with Claude. Even Kimmy’s popularity has started to be postponed by him. It has a very large burst damage and a very large range of fire. The combination of skills 1 and 2 drains the blood of the opponent really quickly. Also read:Tutorial on How to Play and Build Granger Mobile Legends Items

3. Epic Leomord Skin – Inferno Soul (September 7th)

Epic Leomord Skin - Inferno Soul

The epic skin that will be released in September is Inferno Soul Leomord. This skin will be available on the original server on September 7th and can only be obtained through the Glücksschatz event. This way, you will need a lot of diamonds to get this skin. But the benefits you get are many too.

In my opinion, this epic Leomord Inferno Soul Skin is very cool and scary. At first glance, this skin resembles the skin of irithelium. The animation and skill effects of this skin are also very good. It’s only natural, it’s epic skin, hehehe.

Leomord is a fighter who is still a nuisance in the current meta. It does great damage, especially on dying blood enemies, as it deals critical damage. On top of that, he’s also strong enough to make teamfights so very difficult to kill. Also read:Tutorial on how to play and build items for Leomord Mobile Legends

4. Kadita’s Special Skin – White Robin (September 11th)

Kadita's special skin - white robin

Kadita Whiter Robin’s skin has finally been released on the original server. Yes, this skin will be released on the original server on September 11th. Just like the Doomsday Terminator Granger skin, you can also get the White Robin Kadita skin through New Arrival. Diamonds that you must get must be more.

Kadita is a mage with great blast damage and is very difficult to pick up as she has good immunity. He could dodge CC very easily. He also has high HP regeneration when his passive skill is active. But its popularity is still inferior to Harith and Lunox as the best magician.

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5. Masha’s new hero – Winter Guardian

Masha's new hero - Winter Guardian

This September, Mobile Legends Bang will have a new hero named Masha. This hero will be released on the original server on September 17th. You can buy this hero with diamonds or BP (32,000 BP). Or you can also get it through other events that may come later.

Masha is a tank destroyer with high HP and high HP regeneration. He has 3 bars or 3 layers of HP and his second ability will give Masha a very high life steal. Not only that, he’s also a fighter who can kill tanks very easily as he has skills like Karrie’s passive abilities.

Perhaps in Season 14, Masha will become a fighter widely used by Mobile Legends players, and it is possible that she will become a blocked subscription in Draft Pick mode. I think this hero is a combination of Karrie, Esmeralda and Martis. In addition to this, it also has the ability to incapacitate enemies with simple attacks.

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6. Skin Elite Khufra – Apophis

Skin Elite Khufra - Apophis

The skin of Khufra Apophis will be released on September 20th. So far it is not known how to get this skin. Whether through New Arrival or in another way. Or maybe you can get it by refreshing the skin from normal skin. We just have to wait for the next news, folks.

In my opinion, this skin from Khufra Apophis is pretty good too. Khufra’s face is scary but cool guys. At first glance, it looks like the Shinigami in the Death Note movie.

Khufra is a tank that is often a bone of contention at this time for having the ability to battle agile heroes like Fanny and Gusion. Khufra is the most effective tank against heroes with sprinting skills. In addition to this, Khufra also has high damage reduction, making it very difficult to kill.

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7. Hylos Season 13 Exclusive Skin – Jungle Watcher

Hylos - Season 13 Exclusive Skin - Jungle Watcher

Skin 13 will end on September 21, even though the pre-server season has ended. Now for this season’s exclusive skin price, Hylos Jungle Watcher. To get this Hylo skin, you must complete Season 13 at the Master level and above. The higher your tier, the higher the BP and ticket prices you will get.

After its release, will Hylos be used as much as it used to be? I admit that Hylos’ HP is very high, but unfortunately he does not have high armor and magic resistance. So it will be very easy to get killed by heroes like Karrie and Lunox. Then he doesn’t have such good crowd control skills as the Khufra and the Minotaur.

8. Skin zodiac sign Lunox – Libra

Lunox Zodiac Skin - Libra

This month the Zodiac skin Lunox Libra will be released. This skin will be available on the original server on September 23rd. You can get this skin through Summon Zodiac, so you will need a lot of diamonds. But there are many other benefits that you will get as well.

Just like the Zodiac Skins in general, the Lunox Libra Skin also looks very good. In this skin you can see that Lunox looks very charming. But in my opinion the Elite skin is still good.

Lunox is currently still the favorite magician, there will be many picks for season 14 as well. This hero has a very high burst damage and is the most effective hero against tank and combat heroes. In addition, Lunox also has immunity that helps him in team combat.

9. Lancelot’s Epic Skin – Flower Knight

Epic Lancelot Skin - Flower Knight

Lancelot will again get its newest skin, the Epic Floral Knight Skin. This skin will be available on the original server on September 29th. It seems that this skin is not being sold through the Lucky Box event as that event has already taken place this month. It seems that this skin with diamonds can be obtained in the amount of around 899 diamonds.

In my opinion, this epic Lancelot Floral Knight skin is really cool folks. Really worth buying. The skill effect of this skin is also very good.

At present, Lancelot is rarely used. The damage and the magic vam he has are no longer as good as they used to be. Right now its popularity has lost to Gusion and Hayabusa, even Hanzo. Perhaps after the epic skin is released, Lancelot will later be buffed and many more will use it.

These are some skins that will be released in September 2021. Maybe the release will be sped up or slowed down, depending on Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legends game. So let’s just wait for more information.

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