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Resolving Mobile Legends issues with other Moba games

MOBA games are very popular now and there are different types of MOBA genre games that are also trending on Android or iOS right now.

Three of them are Mobile Legends, Mobile Arena and Vainglory. The 3 games often cause resistance from players who play one of these games by stating the game they are playing (good Mobile Legends Player, Mobile Arena or Vainglory) is the best of other similar games.

Now this middle ground is increasingly taking place, especially in the Facebook groups of the individual games. here just show some problems related to the popularity of the 3 MOBA games with valid dates then you just have to close for yourself.

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episode shows the latest news on the popularity of the three MOBA genre games. So, if there is another problem with claiming the best game in the future, ask them to show supporting data (don’t just claim it).

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The first is Mobile Legends, which has been downloaded 2,732,785 times on Load game (please check it out for yourself if you don’t believe it) with a game rating of 4.4. Other information is from Mouse Street discourse The 15 best MOBA games for Android and iOS where Mobile Legends took first place, defeating 14 MOBA games on the site.

In addition, Mobile Legends takes first place in the top games in the Playstore. With the number of downloads almost 3 million times, you can of course do it yourself the best and most popular MOBA games for Android and iOS.

2. Mobile arena

Second, there is Mobile Arena, which has been downloaded 45,282 times on the Playstore and has a game rating of 4.3. In Jalantikus, the Mobile Arena game is the second best Android Moba game.

The position of the Mobile Arena in the Playstore top game occupies 27th place in the list of Top Games by Playstore.

3. Awe

And the third is Vainglory, this Moba game was downloaded from the Playstore with a game rating of 4.4 up to 551,228.

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Although the number of downloads and ratings of Mobile Arena games has been exceeded, Vainglory is not in the list of top games on the Playstore. I don’t know why it’s not on the list …

That was a little rundown of the best and most popular moba gaming problems. Hopefully this article can get players to think more logically and not ditch other games with the MOBA genre. Source

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