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Special Skin Summer 2021 Mobile Legends for these two heroes!

Special Skin Summer 2021 Mobile Legends for these two heroes!

As we already know, the Mobile Legends game features a variety of interesting events every day, and their game updates are consistent every month.

The update is divided into several parts, such as the arrival of a new hero, the customization of Buff / Nerf heroes, the advent of new skins and much more.

This time around, we’re going to discuss the making of a new pair skin for these two heroes. The new skin is contained in the special summer skin that Moonton releases annually to welcome the summer.

This time around, the heroes to get this summer skin in 2021 are Zilong and Guinevere, as you can see below!

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For those of you who don’t know what a Mobile Legends Summer Skin is, it’s a skin that only two or more Mobile Legends heroes happen to have.

And now there are 5 more heroes getting this summer skin. These include Akai, Freya, Clint, Angela, Fanny and so on.

This year summer skin is coming to Zilong – Summer Waves and Guinevere – Summer Breeze. Then the price of this skin itself is the same as the previous summer skins which is only 749 diamonds that you can only pay for around 200,000.

And usually there is a 30% discount on the first week of release.

And the expected release date is July 29th, 2021. However, since it’s still a leak, it’s not certain yet.

How interested are you in buying the Summer Mobile Legends skin in 2021?

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