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5 heroes with the best crowd control in Mobile Legends!

The heroes in the game Mobile legends who have different specialties. Like Poke, Charge, Push, Burst Damage, Crowd Control, Initiator and many others. But this time we’re going to be discussing heroes who have crowd control specialties.

In general, these heroes have crowd control specialties that play a role in disrupting the crowd by giving slow or stun effects to the enemy. Here are the Mobile Legends heroes who have our special version of Crowd Control:

1. Excavator

One of the Mobile Legends supports heroes with the specialty crowd control, Digger. This hero is in skill 1, which allows the enemy to be dispersed. Where the skill throws a clock that explodes on the enemy. If the enemy is nearby, the enemy will be stunned for 2 seconds. But if less than 2 seconds have exploded, the enemy will only be slowed down.

2. Gatot Kaca

The hero’s tank in Mobile Legends is Gatotkaca, where the hero is inspired by a doll figure. This hero can also turn the enemy upside down when a war is going on. Because this hero has the ultimate ability where the hero will jump to the target area when he has an enemy in that area. Then the enemy’s speed is slowed down and given a stun effect for 1 second.

3. Johnson

This Mobile Legends hero is no less interesting than Johnson, who has crowd control. With his ultimate prowess, Johnson will meet you quickly. Because it was Johnson who turned into a car. Then the hit enemy jumps up and is stunned.

4. Tigeral

This Mobile Legends Hero Tank has the specialty Crod Control, namely Tigreal. That one hero, when he pulls out his ultimate ability, can suck the enemies around him then the enemy that was sucked in will be stunned. This hero also has a slow skill and also a blink skill that can push the enemy in the indicated direction.

5. Akai

Akai is a tank hero in Mobile Legends. When Akai spends his ultimate, the enemy will automatically disperse to evade the ultimate. where Akai spins like a tornado, causing a recoil effect on enemies that collide with Akai. So the enemy will disperse if hit by the Akai Ulti.

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