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Lucky Spin Kagura Mobile Legends Tricks and Tips March 2021

Here are the Lucky Spin Kagura Tricks and Tips Mobile legends March 2021 you have to know to get it.

Moonton has just updated its gambling prize by introducing the hero Kagura in it.

Players can of course get it for free, but must try Lucky Spin first. And the problem is that gacha requires a high degree of luck.

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Now here, SPIN Esports is going to help you get that Kagura hero. We’ll give you tips and tricks to get Kagura at Lucky Spin. Anything?

Draw a maximum of 100 tickets per day

Photo via ig abyysal mlbb

The first tip is to draw a maximum of 100 tickets per day with a spin of 20 tickets.

Don’t rush because this lucky spin has just been updated by Moonton. Relax and draw 100 lots a day first.

When the Lucky Spin win is about to change the price, pull it all out right away. Take out all the tickets you need to get this Kagura hero.

Usually getting a hero into a lucky spin is more difficult than getting a skin.

Follow the tutorials on Youtube

The second tip is to follow the tutorial on YouTube. There are so many Youtubers giving this Kagura Lucky Spin tutorial.

One of them is the Youtuber below, based on people who commented on the video, he succeeded, so what’s wrong with you.

These are Kagura’s tricks and tips Mobile legends at Lucky Spin in March 2021. Of course, the luck factor is also in demand, even if spinners have followed the tips above.

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