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Build Item Hero Natalia Full Damage in the latest Mobile Legends 2021

Natalia is one of the strongest heroes in mobile legends, to build the item she must be full damage and fast while running. The uniqueness of Hero Natalia is that if immunity is filled in bushes, it can disappear. Hero Natali is still a creepy momo for marksmen players, because on average the role of the assassin hero is like that. In order to be able to reach Pentakill, one has to develop nice tactics and of course accompanied by teamwork. Without teamwork you are nothing if you use the heroine Natalia.

The perfect equipment build-up can make this hero more agile and stronger, but if the build-up is careless, it will seriously jeopardize your performance in a match. For combat spells suitable for Natalia’s heroes, namely Fury / Retribution. Anger is used to hasten your attacks and retaliation is used to juggle. And the emblem suitable for Natalia’s heroine is a physical assassin, but can also use Phsy. attack. However, I recommend the physical assassin badge.

Lead heroine Natalia in Mobile Legends

For Natalias Heldenf├╝hrer you have to make perfect adjustments, especially with the items, why do I repeat that, because if you are wrong, the risk later is not what you expected. And this is the build item for the heroine Natalia Full Damage, the Techno Cagita version, there are more details here.

Guide heroine Natalia

Build items suitable for Natalia’s heroes are Fast Boots, Berserker’s Rage, Scarlet Phantom, Haas’ Claws, Immortality, and Blade of Despair. These six points can help you make better use of Natalia. Of course, to see the results of the equipment you have to maximize it quickly, namely by jungle monsters. Jungle monsters also need to look at the existing situation, if the towers are in an unsafe condition then never do jungle monsters.

Tips to make Natalia easy to use

To control the heroine Natalia, you need a lot of special training in costume or classic mode. Of course, with so many methods, this is easiest for beginners in my opinion. Let’s see what tips and tricks this Natalia hero is.

  • Make jungle
  • Don’t stick to one line
  • Always patrol or see critical enemy blood on the minimap
  • Use Skills Combo 2-3-1 along with passive attacks
  • Communication with the team
  • Aim at the marrow first
  • By diligent hiding, the goal is to increase immunity and speed
  • Don’t be too lustful

That, in my opinion, is all you need to look out for when using Natalia’s hero, because the risk that you can feel yourself. Then the professionals need special practice to play this Natalia heroine. But I don’t guarantee you a win because winning and losing are the order of the day in the game. That’s all from me for this article on building items and instructions for Natalia’s heroes. If you have anything to ask, please comment in the column we have provided.

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