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Leaked Mobile Legends Collector Skin for July 2021, for Benedetta!

This is the latest leak regarding the upcoming Mobile Legends skin collector in July 2021 out there for Benedetta’s heroes.

Benedetta will arrive with a new skin soon in the near future, this new skin is more special as it is a collector skin type.

Yes, you heard that right, according to leaks circulating from trusted Mobile Legends leaks in Indonesia.

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Leave the information that Benedetta will get a skin collector in July 2021.

Benedetta collectors skin display

For the look itself, you can clearly see it in the photo SPIN Esports provides below!

Where the appearance is clearly visible even in Benedetta’s terrifying power, coupled with a beautiful and eerie feeling on her face.

In addition, the dominance of the colors purple, pink, gray and black make this Benedetta Collector skin a must-have skin for gamers.

The gameplay itself has not yet been leaked, but sooner or later it will be revealed.

The prediction for the gameplay leak of the Benedetta Collector skin will be announced in June 2021.

Why Benedetta?

most common banned heroes in mobile legends
Source: Mobile Legends website

Previously this was just a leak, it is not certain that Benedetta will get a skin collector in July 2021.

But if it’s true, then it’s only natural that Benedetta would choose. Because Benedetta’s damage is very high, mobile and very flexible to play in every meta.

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