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How to Get a Free Battle Emote in Mobile Legends (Script)

How to Get a Free Battle Emote in Mobile Legends – Hello Mobile Legends friends, on this occasion I haven’t updated any articles about Mobile Legends for a long time. Now I am going to share with you Mobile Legends players about how to get all Mobile Legends battle emotes for free without buying diamonds.

By using Battle emote in Mobile Legends may make it easier for us to communicate or most of you have to show emoticons when killing enemies or to mock friends, not haha. For those of you who don’t have diamonds and want to try battle emoticons for free, you can follow this tutorial

Previously, Moonton updated many mobile legend features such as battle emotes that we can buy in the shop. So many interesting battle emoticons released by Moonton lead us to have them one by one. To use battle emotes like laugh, thumbs / likes we only have 4 slots to save / place 4 different types of emoticons.

How to Get a Free Battle Emote in Mobile Legends (Script)

Alright, here’s how to get a battle emote from mobile legends. I am here to use the app Mobile Legends Battle Emote Script. By using this mobile legend battle emotes script, we can get all battle emotes for free without using it. It’s also very easy and not as difficult as you think. Let’s go straight to the tutorial.

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Tutorial How To Get All Free Battle Emotes In Mobile Legends (Script)

1. You can download the application first Script unlock all combat emotes Link above

2. Then install and run the application. If you get a warning about an unknown source, go to Phone Settings> Security> Tick Unknown / Known Sources

3. Then go back to the application and select the menu box in the middle

4. Next, select the emoticon you want and press Yes (Emoticons applied successfully)

5. Don’t forget to set the emote to the default emote.genius

That’s him How to get Battle Emote ml for free with free. If something is still not understood, feel free to comment in the comments section below. Thank you. Regards analog moba.


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