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Loot places with good weapons in open fire

Loot places with good weapons in open fire – Every Battle Royals game requires you to have full weapons and equipment. Of course, to get everything you have to end up in the right place. On top of that, another benefit is that you dodge the many enemies that end up where you are.

The lag factor also affects whether the game is good or not. for Overcoming the lag in free fireThe key is just that the cell phone must be strong and the signal must be stable

The best place to pillage by open fire

In the Free Fire game, this tactic is very important for your continued game to win. In addition to knowing the correct landing location, beginners also need to hone their game skills.

Perhaps a lot of the Free Fire players don’t know the best and safest place in this game. Here are the locations:

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Places that often have good weapons in the latest free fire:

1. Phocinok

Phocinok enters the opening area as a location that has a good weapon in Free Fire. This place is often a subscription place for gamers due to its strategic location. In addition, Phocinok has good prey, everything from protective equipment to weapons is included. Phocinok is also often used as a battle arena for anyone looking to get a lot of kills.

2. Mars electric

In the next section, which has a lot of good guns, is the Mars Electric. This place is on the Bermuda map on the edge near the sea. This place is always overcrowded with players because there is good loot. There is also a spacious place here so that you can search for equipment with satisfaction. Since it is on the edge, also pay attention to the safe zone so that you don’t die too quickly.

3. Mill

Just like Mars Electric, Mill is right on the ocean on the Bermuda map. This place is one of the best places to loot as almost all the necessities for survival are there. In addition, the equipment here is already at the highest level that can be found. However, there are risks to be expected as this place is always full of players who already know the benefits of Mill. Many battles have taken place on Mill to get many kills.

4. Milky Way Stripe

At number 4, the Milky Way Strip is the place that has a good gun in Free Fire. Located in the middle of the Bermuda map, this place is always full of players. The reason is no other than because it is filled with the completeness of war. This place is made up of several houses which also make it easier for you in terms of hiding from enemies. And this place too has a place where you can kill enemies from the roof of the house.

5th tip

Also in 5th place is Peak, which has good loot on Free Fire. This place is filled with huge expanses of grass and several houses and buildings that are great for hiding. Be careful when you descend at the summit because you will die first if you don’t descend right near the house where the equipment is available in combat. Peak is also suitable for those of you who want to get lots of kills. Peak is a tough place you need free fire settings to be pleasantly agile while playing

6. Shipyard

This location is located in the northern part of the Bermuda map and is made up of several hangars and containers. Shipyards are often used as a popular landing site as they have a lot of loot and they also meet the needs of war. Usually there are also cars here that you can use to move places or hit the enemy. Pay attention to the safe zone when you are in this place. Because of its location at the end of the map that usually lets you move to a safer place.

7th equator

Close to the Milky Way Strip and the power station, this place is always full of people. This place is made up of several houses that have guns and other equipment for survival. In addition to the spacious space so you can settle for looting, there is also a car in the northern garage in the equator that you can use to go somewhere else to look for enemies or when you meet face to face .

By determining the correct location, you can easily Best loot locations in Free Fire. Take into account the number of enemies where you land and make sure you land in a fully equipped place so you don’t die quickly. See you in the next article.

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