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How to mark weapons / loot in the latest PUBG Mobile 2021

How to mark weapons / loot in the latest PUBG Mobile 2021 – When landing on an island for the first time, looting is also the first thing that needs to be done in order for us to get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” in the PUBG Mobile game.

How to tag items / weapons on PUBG Mobile

Through looting, we can find good items or things according to our preferences, from attachments, weapons, medicine kits, bombs, boosters, helmets, vests and so on.

Since PUBG Mobile is a game that requires collaboration, friends certainly shouldn’t be selfish when the game is played with a squad or duo. Friends also need to share loot results with colleagues, and friends have received many items or items.

Not only can friends bring these items to your teammates, but they also have the ability to tag loot items when the bag you’re using runs out of items or items.

Tagging, finding weapons, and other loot items is one of the early stages when the PUBG Mobile game begins. At the beginning of the game, you will definitely feel the difficulty of fighting enemies for loot.

While guns and other supplies are sometimes available, there are usually times when someone on your team gets nothing, and when you want to tell your friends if there are guns or equipment you are in a little bit of trouble.

Perhaps such things are not a problem if you are already a master or good at playing PUBG Mobile. However, it is a little difficult for a beginner or a beginner like me.

Well, on an occasion like this, Indodominic Admin would like to post how to mark weapon or item locations in PUBG Mobile. The method is very simple, you have to follow the simple and smart tutorial that I will discuss below.

How to mark weapons in PUBG Mobile

Point or point your weapon (crosshair) at any item, equipment or weapon marked by friends.

Next, friends, just open a quick chat or quick chat.

Please select the message “I have found supplies” or the message “I have found supplies” in the quick chat area.

Later it will automatically change to a text quote “I have or it says” I have.

When the direction of the crosshairs or the direction of the marker you have focused on the item’s location is absolutely correct.

This is the tutorial alias guide that admin can teach how to tag guns in PUBG easily and intelligently. Please wait for tips and tricks on PUBG Mobile game. Thank you!

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