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How to Become a Local Top in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

OKEGUYS – Mobile Legends is Games most famous MOBA, Games it definitely has Precedence or level that you can improve. Below is a guide on how to become a Top Local or Top Global ML.

What are Top Local and Top Global Mobile Legends, which means you can compete with others? player Other Mobile Legends to achieve this rank.

If you want to get into the top echelons of local mobile legends, OKEGUYS has a way, folks. Read the full article.

How to Become a Top Local Hero Mobile Legends

It’s easy to become a Top Local or Top Global Mobile Legends. You can do it in a few days.

There are five ways to become a local top in Mobile Legends, namely: Create a new account, focus on one hero, Shift rank, always win and play with friends Squad.

Create a new account


If you want a practical top ranking, you can do it this way, but you will need to create a new account for PR.

Because if you are using an old account, then most of all it will be enough to get the top local and top global rankings Shift rankhis.

This way you can easily create a new account and play with it Shift rank from warrior up to epos. You Can Get The Top Local Mobile Legends Quickly.

Focus on just one hero

How to quickly become one of the best local mobile legends in the world

The way to go is that you always need to focus on one hero and TU Shift rank as often as possible because it can quickly improve your local top rankings.

One way to be able to use one hero you just have to play with friends or Squad She. Because if you do Solo rank the chances would be very slim.

Rank up at the end of the season to become the Top Tokal Mobile Legends

how to quickly become a local top in mobile legends

Why does it have to end season? In OKEGUY’s experience, if you do Shift rank At the end season, you can get more MMR than usual.

The reason is that when you have achieved rank highest and make a rank shift, you can get too extra MMR for doing Shift rank from level which descends level what has been achieved.

Not lose! Must win!


At the time of doing Shift rank Always try to win and never lose. If you notice afterwards Games The calculation of MMR Guys is done.

By always winning, your MMR can go up quickly, even more if you always are Winning streak by using one hero simply firmer.

Push rank squad

Surely you have made the experience that playing with friends can contribute to a profitable presentation.

This way you can easily get to the local top but also make sure your friends are playing well guys.

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So these are some of the ways to become one of the best local mobile legends out there. That way you will know. So what are you waiting for, let’s just try folks.

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