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Download League of Legends: Wild Rift Moba New Android

The wait has come, League of Legends players can now play it on smartphones, but not all users can play it, only players who have pre-register can only download this League of Legends.

But players who did pre-register in the google playstore you have to wait for news if you can download it. Because the game League of Legends is not yet fully published.

League of Legends is an ancient game that started out from PC gaming. And in the end, Riot Games presents a mobile version of LOL or an analog Moba game.

This game, which is very similar to other MOBAs, will be very popular as players have waited a long time to play it in the mobile version.

The game features fast-paced action strategy PVP battles and you can play competitive and strategic 5v5 leagues right away.

Download League of Legends

It brought the latest features with it, namely the well-known 5v5 maps based on Summoner’s Rift and simplified to make the game even faster.

A console designed exclusively for this new platform to ensure that players are comfortable while playing.

This game also brings PC features to the phone, namely the presence of a station or lux to explain streets and maps so that you cannot be easily rounded up by the enemy.

If you have lots of heroes available for free, you don’t have to buy a hero to use them because, according to Riot Games, you don’t need money, but skills that need to be achieved.

League of Legends was released on September 18th but is still in beta and only a few players will be able to play this game, well, for those of you who were unable to download this game.

You have to pre-register on the Google Playstore first because if you have not pre-registered you will have to wait for it to be fully published.

Now let’s pre-register and play the game, show your skills and win the fight. You can also download it from the link below, Google Playstore.

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