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5 Hero Counter Beatrix Mobile Legends, don't be afraid of this hero!

This is a list of 5 Beatrix Mobile Legends counter-heroes that you should know without fear of this soft hero.

Moonton recently introduced a new sniper-type heroine named Beatrix.

This one hero has 4 different ultimate types, high mechanics and also terrible damage from every weapon he has.

Now on to that, here is where SPIN Esports is helping you give Beatrix Mobile Legends 5 Hero Tokens with no ban required.

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Photo via mlbb

The first heroine is Harley, attack Beatrix as usual with Harley’s combos, namely Skills 3 and 1. But remember that Beatrix reloads her weapon when you attack her.


Natalia cell phone legends

Then there is Natalia, you needn’t be surprised that this hero is on the list. Silence and harm are still very deadly to soft archer heroes like Beatrix.


Hero Fighter Hyper Carry Season 19

Then there’s Roger, his immunity and damage can beat Beatrix, who is weak when reloading. Roger’s attack speed is much faster than Beatrix’s and can easily kill him.


lanceolate skin m2
Photo via MLBB

Then there is Lancelot, still the same agile hero and sick damage is Beatrix’s counterattack, for example Lancelot again. In the right hands, Lancelot is a very deadly hero and can easily defeat Beatrix.


MLBB Hero hard to balance

The last one is Fanny, all marksmen must be afraid of Fanny. This hero can kill really very quickly, even the damage done by Beatrix can’t do much to Fanny, because the damage done by Beatrix is ​​just like that. Less damage against his agile fan.

This is the list of Beatrix Mobile Legends hero counters, indeed the average assassin hero for having enough agility to make Beatrix dizzy.

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