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Leaked new heroine Valentina Mobile Legends, Ultimate Enemy can copy!

Leaked new heroine Valentina Mobile Legends, Ultimate Enemy can copy!

Mobile Legends seems to have a new hero soon. Even if the leak is imminent, the hero of Aulus Mobile Legends will appear in August 2021.

But after a while, Floryn was announced with a very strong healing ability.

Allegedly there will be another new hero who has no less great abilities.

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New mobile hero legends

For this new hero, it actually leaked once before. And now his name is known, namely Valentina.

This hero is a hero who is most likely going to become the leader of the Soul Squad Mobile Legends like Silvanna with her Lightborn Squad.

In appearance, it will look more or less like the picture below, yes weirdos.

New Hero Mobile Legends 2021
Photo via YT Ace Unyill

Valentina MLBB’s hero skills

For the sake of clarity, his skills don’t look quite like Floryn. But this is what the skill leak looks like.

  • Skill 1: Fan-shaped, has a CD of 6 seconds.
  • Skill 2: Can blink, has a 5 second CD, does real damage to the first hero to be overtaken.
  • Ultimate: you can clone your opponent’s Ultimate, you just need to direct this ability to the opponent you want to clone Ultimate and therefore you can use the opponent’s Ultimate right away.

See the video below for more details.

When to release?

When this new hero will be released is not yet known, especially since many heroes are already waiting on the waiting list, such as Aamon and Floryn. However, if Moonton changes his mind, this hero will be released soon. Just wait for the next update from SPIN Esports.

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