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3 easy steps to become the king of warriors in Mobile Legends

Legendary with Aldous
Legendary with Aldous

In Mobile Legends game there are heroes with melee attack skills like fighters, tanks, assassins, and heroes like these are usually referred to as melee heroes. Heroes who have far-reaching attack skills like MarksMan, Mage, Support are usually referred to as ranges or ranges.
But for this time, we’re going to discuss how to use a hero fighter so you can lead your team to victory

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1. Don’t do a lot of farming

As combat heroes, we can’t farm a lot because we have to give our buffs to mm heroes and assassins, because even fighter heroes without buffs are already very strong, but you can also take buffs on your team if the mm hero or the assassin is dead is because if we don’t take the buff, the buff can then be used by the opposing team

2. Don’t feel like killing
Well the desire to get a kill aka mukil is what turns the team formation upside down so that we are easily caught by enemy traps, they can deliberately critical of their blood and make us join their gang, for them to team up with the enemy team, or you can be provoked so that the formation disintegrates so that mm and mage heroes have no protection so they can easily be attacked by assassins ready to take off from behind to overthrow.
Therefore, we need to be vigilant to pursue the enemy, and when pursuing the enemy, we must be careful of the distance between the tower and the opponent’s hero.

3. Use the build that suits the hero character
Yes, since we know that when using Build Fighter we also have to recognize the hero we are using, it is suitable to use Lifesteal like Ruby, Sun, Alucard, Zilong or even better, magic vamp like Martis, Thamuz, Leomord , Chou. to use . As a fighter, we will also need to buy a defense build so that if your tank is dead you can protect your team from enemy attacks. Therefore, builds are also very important to make our heroes strong. For information about mobile legend elements, see the article Understanding Element Functionality in Build Mobile Legends

It is a fighter’s mission to become the king of fighters on the battlefield of mobile legends. Hopefully this information can give you a better experience on becoming a fighter.

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