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5 ways to become a pro monster tank in Mobile Legends

GatotKaca's hero armor is great to use
GatotKaca’s hero armor is great to use

User tank or tanker is a player who uses a hero with a tank role, which means that when fighting the enemy team, he becomes a shield or shield for his team. This tank hero is very important as it can withstand a very large attack enemy because it has a strong defense ability.
To become a professional tanker for your team, you can do this so that you can lead your team to victory

1. Use Hero Tank Stunner

The first thing a tank hero needs to have is an ability that can stun the enemy, be it a slow effect, hit up or hit back, as this will greatly benefit your team when stunned.

2. Do not play alone

What I mean is when you use a tank hero that you can’t play alone during a game. The first thing you have to do is help MarksMan or Assassin with the farming, secondly you cannot go alone and you have to stay with other heroes to protect your team in war because you are like a fortress to them.

3. Be a good tanker

This is something that tank users rarely do, most tank players often experience fear in war which makes the team’s troops desperate.
Nor should we be tank drivers who are overly optimistic or lustful because if we are always at war and think that we will definitely win but we don’t see the level of the opposing team, it will make things worse and our team could be caught in enemy traps.
So when you become a tank, you have to be careful in combat and make sure that your war is in the front line and that no enemy hero can penetrate the troops’ defenses, let alone the security of the protective carry hero can disrupt us from behind .

4. Use skills in good time

Well, usually tanker users also often make this mistake, which is too premature when using skills and passives, in order to use skills in time, you have to know when the right time is to use skills and ulti, namely when the enemy assassin and Fighter heroes almost make a mess in the back row then this is the time to do the ultimate, especially if the tank hero has stun skills this will do your team a great deal of benefit.

5. Use real steel tanker build

Well for this one, surely everyone already knows, Yap build is a very important thing to make our hero strong. To make our heroes strong, we must also watch out for enemy heroes. When a lot of enemy heroes are of a physical attack type, you need to use physical defense builds and vice versa, a lot of enemy heroes use mages or magical types and then use magical defense to make heroes who are immune to mage attacks.

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This is how you become a very professional tank user in order for the team to get a winning result, but it all depends on teamwork, squad, good luck and good luck

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