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4 Powerful Tips to Become a Super Mage in Mobile Legends

How to become a super mage in Mobile Legends
Aurora legendary

User Mage or Magical is a player who uses a hero with ranged combat skills with magical skills. Typically, this type of hero has a greater damage area ability than other types of heroes, so this hero will play a huge role in leading the team to victory. What To Do When Using This Hero Mage, For More Details, Here Are Things You Need To Know When Using A Hero Mage

1. Understand the hero mage character that is being used

Hero mage is very different from other mage heroes so you need to know that some mage heroes need a lot of buffs to get stronger and usually these heroes are not strong in the late game, for example Harith, Harley, Cyclops now heroes like this will have trouble have to kill the enemy when the level and gold we received is the same amount as us, even more so when we lose a lot of level and gold with him.
There are also mage heroes who are strong in the early game without buffs, such as: B. Gord, Lunox, Eudora for magician heroes who have no influence on whether playing in the early game is even more profitable, especially in the late game, because all levels and gold will be the same, so it will be easier for us to go to war to win.

Also understand the hero’s abilities, usually there are great mage heroes who attack openly, like Lunox, Harith, Gord, Alice, as these heroes usually attack continuously or repeatedly.
There are also mage heroes who have to roam first, like Aurora, Cyclops, Eudora, Harley, who are heroes with One Shot One Kill skills, making this hero easier to target enemies with greater damage.

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2. Play with a team (Gank)

You user mages are forbidden to walk alone on the battlefield, so you will be accompanied by your teammates who can cover you.
However, there are also user mages who can be used solo in war, namely Harley, Harith, Alice, Esmeralda, and Guinevere they are being pursued by enemy gangs.

3. Ensure the correct magician build

When using build magicians, depending on which hero we are using, for example when using Lunox, Harith, Karina, we only have to build one build to increase the magical power, as the cooldown of their ulti is very fast recovered while your hero Gumon. is, Chang’e, gord, eudora then you need to arrange a build that can reduce the cooldown effect of the hero skill as their ulti takes a long time to be reused so they need a build with high cooldown reduction

4. Do not use a hero mage

Sometimes we shouldn’t use just any hero mage because it can cause our team to suffer defeat.
A simple example is if our teammates are using assassin heroes like Lancelot, Hayabusa, Natalia then we can’t use Cyclops, Harith, Harley heroes because these heroes need a lot of buffs to be strong and if we are not farming , then our heroes are weak, but if we farm our assassins will be weak too, but there are also mm heroes that are needed for farming.
So the bottom line is that we need to look first at which heroes are being used by our teammates so that we don’t make mistakes when choosing heroes.

This is the short path to becoming a superpower aka professional magician. If we understand the above, we can learn that hero mages should not be used negligently and also require careful estimates in order to use them.

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