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What's rolling in Mobile Legend? Here is how

What does it mean to troll mobile legends? – This time we are going to discuss how to troll over mobile legends. Mobile Legend is one of the most popular MOBA games in Indonesia. This game offers a large and interesting selection of heroes.

In order to win the game, you need to have good strategy and teamwork. This is why it is easier to play with your friends than to play alone or alone.

In the Mobile Legend game, the term is also known as Troll. Quite a few players who troll for fun and channel their ignorance.

mobile legends troll
How to troll mobile legends

The Importance of Rolling Mobile Legend

For those of you who are new, trolling is a term where we provoke the emotions of teammates.

Usually you can make trolls using a hero your team doesn’t want, letting your teammates die while you have fun circling the map, and so on.

The best hero in Mobile Legend

Trolling is not a good thing. But there are times when we feel more entertained while trolling. You can enjoy watching your teammates die so they can vent their anger on chat messages or voices during games.

There are several heroes who are known to be good at trolling. Here are the most convenient heroes for trolling:

1. Mandibular head

This hero has an ability that can throw enemies and teammates in one direction. Quite a few people troll by throwing their teammates into the enemy’s tower, leaving their teammates to die.

mobile legends troll
Jaw head

You can troll by throwing your friend at the enemy or enemy tower, you can also use it to throw your friend’s buff so that the buff will be reset again.

2. Grock

Grock is one of the tank heroes who is often chosen in a match. Grock has the Guardian Barrier ability, which allows Grock to build a wall that can block the enemy’s pace.

mobile legends troll
Hero Grock

For those of you who are upset with your teammates and want to take revenge in the form of trolls, you can use the Grock skill that can tear down walls.

You can block your friend’s escape in a fight so your friend can’t come out and die at the enemy’s hands.

3. Johnson

Johnson’s Rapid Touchdown ability, which can turn into a car, can be used to troll teammates.

mobile legends troll
HeroJohnson Mobile Legends

You can invite your friends to get in the car and drive to the enemy base, then you and your friends will die together.

Well that’s all for checking out what is meant by trolling cell phone legends and also how it is hopefully useful!

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