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Mobile JKN transactions cannot be processed. How to solve it

mobile when the transaction cannot be processed – Mobile JKN is one of the applications that resulted from the development of the mobile health application BPJS. Applications previously introduced by the government.

This is intended to implement the obligation of BPJS Health to offer BPJS health participants a simple service and optimal access.

In this JKN Mobile application, subscribers can access information about BPJS Kesehatan Mobile’s health insurance services.

Mobile JKN transaction cannot be processed
JKN Mobile application

In addition to providing access to information, this development also serves as evidence of the government’s seriousness in developing the BPJS program.

There are, of course, several obstacles to any application. Although the obstacles that arise are not too great.

In addition, the JKN application is a new application. Of course it has some problems. Like the JKN application.

The problem is that the JKN application cannot be processed. There are several reasons why it cannot be processed.

root cause M.Obile JKN transaction cannot be processed

There are several reasons why Mobile JKN cannot be processed. It is quite annoying not to process this application.

The causes also vary and range from a failed login to the application. Failed to sign in or unable to sign in is a problem that users frequently encounter.

This login fail also has several factors.

Forget passwords, emails, etc. from the start. Apart from these problems. A failed login can also be affected by an unstable user network.

How can you solve it then?

How to overcome M.Obile JKN transaction cannot be processed

To solve network problems. When accessing your application, try with a provider that supports the best network.

In addition, you register again on the application.

An attempt is also made to distinguish the entered data from the old data.

If you already have loved ones or family. You can log in again with your wife’s details.

It doesn’t affect the loved ones you have. Because your data automatically take over the previously entered data of the wife.

We recommend that you write down your email address and password if you are having trouble remembering the email address and password of your JKN Mobile account.

Here are some ways to solve the Mobile JKN not processing problem.

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