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VPN Brazil Mobile Legend, free prizes at KOF Event Events

VPN Brazil Mobile Legend, Free Prizes at KOF Events – Mobile Legend is currently hosting a kof bingo event that mobile legend players from Indonesia are keen to play.

After an event called Kof Bingo X MLBB had previously also taken place in Indonesia, Moonton held the event again this time in Latin American countries, particularly Brazil and Argentina.

As an Indonesian player, you can use this event to receive a free Kof skin at this event. Unfortunately, you have to use a Latin American VPN to take advantage of this.

VPN Brazil Mobile Legend
VPN Brazil Mobile Legends

Latin America which countries? You can try Latin American VPNs such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Costa Rica.

How to use the Brazil and Argentina VPN

For those of you who want to try this out, you can use several VPNs already available in the Play Store or App Store, such as Express VPN, Shuttle VPN, Browsec VPN (recommended for iPhone), VPN Master.

How to get free skins for the Kof-MObile Legends event for VPNs in Latin America, Brazil, and Argentina:

  1. Install the VPN application, the application example was as described above.
  2. After the installation, open the VPN application.
  3. Find Brazil or Argentina.
  4. Then start.
  5. VPN is running

How to Get a Free KOF Skin Mobile Legend for VPN Brazil and Argentina

After the VPN is up, here are the steps you can take if you want to enter a bingo lottery for free at the kof event.

  1. Open the Mobile Legend game
  2. Open the events menu.
  3. Click the tab Special independence day service.
  4. Make sure the tab you click has content.
  5. If there is content, you can complete the existing event.

If there is an option in the tab, congratulations, you have the opportunity to get a free bingo lottery at the kof event with a VPN in Brazil, Argentina or Latin American countries.

Prohibited Risk from Moonton

Is it possible that Moonton as the developer of the Mobile Legend game could get banned from using a VPN? the answer is no because this activity can be considered reasonable and not against the rules.

As long as you do not modify the Mobile Legend game or use prohibited cheats, you will not be banned from Moonton


You have just completed a tutorial on how to get a free bingo lottery on Mobile Legends using Latin American VPNs like Argentina and Brazil.

If the Independence Day Special Services menu still doesn’t appear in the Events menu, you can switch to a different VPN application.

and also to undertake reasonable activities so as not to risk being banned from Moonton,

Might be useful!

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