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Too successful, promotion of Genshin Impact and KFC China forced to stop

Do you still remember the collaboration messages Genshin Impact and KFC in China last week? Well, the promotional event that miHoyo hosted with KFC across China in March was enthusiastically welcomed by the players. However, the success of this event is also a cause for concern as it creates long queues and crowds that are certainly very vulnerable amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cross-promo games with restaurants can be very exciting indeed. We remember how Pokemon and McDonald’s managed to lure Pokemon lovers to the Pacific region. Well, this time around, Genshin Impact fans flocked to KFC outlets across China for playable Character Pins.
Genshin Impact and KFC promotions offer opportunities to earn Pins Diluc and Noelle, the two in-game characters, also unlock in-game content such as special recipes and the red and white glider suit.

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To receive the pin, customers must say, “meet in another world, enjoy delicious food” when ordering food. Multiple videos of customers yelling at each other excitedly in line at KFC staff have gone viral on Twitter, adding to the long list of Genshin impact memes on the Internet.

February 20, 2021

While this in-game cross-promo item is expected to be available to players worldwide as well, it appears that the pin will remain exclusively in China. Collectors can potentially find one on eBay.

Unfortunately, this all-too-successful cross-promotion event had to be stopped or stopped in multiple locations due to health protocols related to China’s Covid-19. It has not yet been confirmed whether this promotional event will be held again, as Genshin Impact will also prepare several updates such as version 1.4.

Genshin Impact is an open world RPG game that was released last September. This game was a huge hit in various Bamboo Curtain Country provinces around the world. If players around the world are waiting for in-game items related to the cross-promo with KFC China, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any Genshin Impact events elsewhere. Developer miHoYo decided to go with online events like Slime Paradise Genshin Impact and released some new characters that will be added to the game when version 1.5 is released.

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