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Genshin Impact collaboration with KFC for Event in Game

Rumor has it that Genshin Impact is partnered with a world famous restaurant, KFC. The fast food franchise franchise will be present in the in-game event. Genshin Impact is still relatively new when it comes to gacha games, so miHoYo As a developer, you have many opportunities for interesting collaborations in the future.

The leak about this collaboration came from Zeniet, the creator of Genshin Impact on Twitter. Zeniet tweeted a picture of a KFC collaboration with a special meal with the fiery Diluc Genshin Impact as its mascot.

The picture also shows Noelle without her armor as well as a pair of KFC-style airplane wings. Although the text for the picture is written in Chinese, this collaboration seems to only last for a limited time, it could also be a menu and accessories for a limited time.

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Genshin Impact has managed to become the best mobile RPG game in the past five months, grossing over $ 400 million in just two months and having been downloaded by millions of gamers across platforms since its release in September 2021 no significant collaborations with other IPs. as is the case with many popular gacha games in Asia. Apparently, KFC will be the first brand to have a major collaboration with Genshin Impact, where Chinese restaurants offer special meals and the ability to purchase in-game accessories.

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The Genshin Impact gaming community has also speculated on multiple occasions about the potential for collaboration and the creation of fan art of various kinds Cross mark. For example, Genshin Impact fans have tried to make a collaboration video using the Persona 5 game for an all-out attack in Genshin Impact.

Working with KFC is ideal, so it’s part of one of the biggest in-game events in the game. Additionally, KFC recently made headlines in the gaming industry after announcing a groundbreaking plan to develop a special slot machine with chicken warmers. No kidding, the console specs use Intel NUC 9 to be on par with many high-end gaming laptops.

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KFC also created a KFC themed dating simulator game that was hype in 2021. However, the game appears to be more of a marketing and branding program, so it is not a commercial game. Well, it looks like we’ll see more franchise-branded collaborations with games around the world in the future.

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