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A magical and must-have grocery recipe guide!

In addition to adventure and combat, the world of Genshin Impact offers many exciting features, lol. Cooking is an example. Yup! Food can be a very useful aid when encountering enemies, be it on a journey or when entering an instance / dungeon.

When exploring the beauty of the elemental world, you need proper nutrition. Impact, you can find 4 types of food, namely: Guardian Food, Warrior Food, Sage Food, Adventurer Food. Hmm, the names make me curious, what are the advantages?

  1. Guardian fodder: the same name that means to protect. Eating this food will give you extra defense over a period of time and will be able to withstand attacks from severe enemies.
  2. Warrior Food: Almost the same as Guardian Food, but the difference is that this food provides additional attack and critical chances within a certain amount of time. The added effect will make you more powerful when attacking enemies or bosses.
  3. Sage Food: This food is used to revive heroes who have lost in battle and to increase health when dying. So it is very important that you bring it with you …
  4. Adventurer food: This food is used to reduce the endurance consumption that is given off within a certain time, such as when climbing, swimming, flying or running.

Special food recipes and how to make them

Your character’s adventures in the elemental lands are exhausting and use up energy. Don’t worry, we will serve you a special menu at Genshin Impact. What and how to do, get the ingredients for cooking? Skuy, check out the details!

Delicious adept temptation

adeptus temptaion genshin Impact

Image source: Genshin Fandom

Food is very useful and the effects are pretty good. Adeptus increases his attack value by 372 and his critical chance by 12% within 300 seconds. If you want to prepare this dish, you need to find the recipe first. Adeptus Receptor 73d01

You can collect this secret recipe after reaching the top or the highest place on Qingyun Peak. There you can activate the stone monument above. Unite the position of the 3 bird statues to form the memorial. After that you can do it with ingredients like:

  • 4 hams
  • 3 crabs
  • 3 prawns / prawns
  • 3 matsutake

Nutritious meal (v. 593)

nutritious meal 637d7

Image source:

This special food offers many advantages and has to be taken everywhere, because the effect is great! Revives the defeated hero, replenishes 20% of the maximum life points and gives the fallen hero an additional 1500 life points. Unfortunately, the cooldown on this food is a bit long, 120 seconds. You can make this dish with sucrose from crab, ham, and vegetable casserole. To obtain this recipe, you must complete the “Food Delivery” mission at Adventure Rank 12. After receiving the recipe, you can cook this dish. To prepare this dish you will need these ingredients:

  • 1 ham
  • 1 cream
  • 1 cabbage / cabbage
  • 1 crab roe / crab egg

A driving breeze

a driving breeze dbc15

Image source:

If adventure is your thing, this food is a must have in your inventory. This food is useful to reduce 25% of the stamina expended while flying or running for 1800 seconds. This meal includes special dishes. You need venti to cook barbato’s ratatouille. Well, to get this special recipe, you need to speak to Vind at Stormbearer Point. To prepare this dish you will need ingredients such as:

  • 4 carrots / carrots
  • 4 onions / onions
  • 4 potatoes

Now you know the secret recipes in Genshin Impact that you not only have to try but also take with you to support your adventure as a traveler! So stay tuned and follow unique game guides and daily esports news updates only at League Game Esports!

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