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This is the Free Fire Redem Site and How to Redeem

Fire Rewards Free 2021 Redemption Page – Free Fire is currently the most popular game played by gamers all over the world. Especially in Indonesia, many players have tried Garena games and the result is that they like this game and play it regularly.

With an interesting game system, namely the Battle Royale game mode, Garena is able to attract players and finally play this game.

It was found that by the time this article was written, Free Fire had received more than 500 million installs on the Android platform, the Google Play Store to be precise. far surpasses its closest competitor, PUBG Mobile from developer Tencent.

In the Free Fire game, there is a shop menu that many players use to purchase various necessities for playing against enemies. The price varies widely, some are cheap and some are expensive, the more expensive the price, the better to use. Examples of items in the shop menu are weapons, skins, characters, and other items.

Sometimes Garena also organizes various events to get users to play. the hope is to get hold of the prizes at the event. There are different types of prizes like items, weapons, and other cool prizes.

Free Fire Rewards website to redeem
Free Fire Rewards website to redeem

There are also prizes in the form of redemption codes that can be exchanged for other prizes. The prizes exchanged vary depending on the luck of the free fire players. some are lucky, such as weapons and skins, others get no prizes at all.

Many free fire players ask how to redeem the code on the free fire pit. So we’re going to review how to redeem the redemption code on the fire pit for free redemption

Redeem the redemption code on the Free Fire 2021 Rewards redemption page

  1. Open the official free fire redemption website at
  2. Log into your account, for example through Facebook.
  3. After you have signed in with an account, you will be redirected to a page where you will enter the redemption code and then enter the correct redemption code you received.
  4. If true, you will see a message stating that you have successfully exchanged the redemption code.
  5. The rewards will be sent a maximum of 30 minutes later in the free fire game

So now exchange the redemption code on the website for redeeming Free Fire 2021, with which you can receive attractive prices to try out in the free Fire game.

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