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The meaning of CN in Free Fire, that's the explanation

The Meaning of cn in Free Fire – In a game like Free Fire, it is common to use special abbreviations that can make communication shorter and denser. These abbreviations often become mandatory terms for gamers, including Free Fire players, to understand.

Sometimes these terms sound strange and strange to non-gamers. It is not uncommon for these terms to be quite confusing for players who have just entered the gaming world.

Free Fire as one of the popular mobile games also uses special terms.

Meaning of CN in Free Fire
Free fire

You may have heard Free Fire players say the words CN, AFK, OP, KDA, and others. In this article in particular, we will discuss the importance of CN in Free Fire.

Meaning of CN in Free Fire

Like other terms in the gaming world, the term CN comes from abbreviations. CN itself is an abbreviation of the word change name or Change nickname. So that CN means changing the name or nickname of your Free Fire games.

CN is usually used as a prerequisite if you want to join a clan, guild, or squad.

It is not uncommon for squads to make requests in the form of CN when recruiting new members at Free Fire.

CN is usually done so that the name of your Free Fire game is consistent with members of a squad.

Typically, the team will ask you to create a CN by adding the team name or initials before your original game name.

If you want to join a squad that needs to change your name or CN, you can change your Free Fire name or nickname.

How to do at Free Fire CN

Here’s how to change your name or name on Free Fire CN

  1. First log into your Free Fire account, then click your profile photo to enter profile settings.
  2. After entering the profile menu, you can press the pencil button under the profile photo. The function of the pen button is to change your Free Fire game name or nickname.
  3. Enter a new name and then click the hash button 390 to change the name. In the Free Fire game itself, names or nicknames cannot be changed for free, it takes 390 diamonds to change names.

How to do CN on Free Fire. Hopefully with this article you are no longer confused about what CN means in Free Fire.

That’s it for the article on CN on Free Fire, hopefully it’s useful!

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