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This is the Free Fire funny and funny poem that you have to use!

Fun and Funny Pantun Free Fire – Free Fire is a battle royale game that has many fans at home and abroad.

Some Free Fire players have a unique way to express their love for this battle royale game. One of these unique ways is to express your love for Free Fire through rhymes.

Pantun is not only used by Free Fire players to express their love for this game by Garena.

Cool and funny Pantun Free Fire
Cool and funny Pantun Free Fire

It is not uncommon for there to be reciprocal rhymes in a Free Fire community that make the community even more exciting.

A collection of cool and fun free fire rhymes for you to use

Want to know what the Free Fire gamer’s rhymes are like? If so, then you can check out the cool Free Fire rhyme below.

When Free Fire players remember exs

What happens when a Free Fire gamer thinks about their ex? The rhyme below is proof of how wise Free Fire players are in remembering their ex.

Coconuts in the forest
There are many branches in the forest
What do you remember your ex for?
Better remember God

What happens if an FF player is injured by his ex?

Have you ever felt the pain of being hurt by an ex? If not, you can read the poem below which describes a Free Fire gamer’s reaction when he was injured by his ex.

Fly a kite on the duku tree
Don’t forget to buy nails
Good night my ex
I hope you don’t

When someone often humiliates Free Fire Game

How do you feel when people insult your favorite game? Perhaps you can respond to the insult by throwing a rhyme like the following.

Go to Cimanggu to buy shoes
The one selling the name is Queen
Does Free Fire have no doors?
But remember playstore number one

Free fire game 8-bit?

If someone says the Free Fire game is a dotted game with 8-bit graphics, then you don’t need to get carried away with emotion. You can answer these words with rhymes like the following.

Look up at the sky while you look at the crescent moon
See the landscape while eating dumplings
It’s okay, our game is eight bits
The important thing is that there are many players

Dirty PUBG player

It’s no secret that some PUBG and Free Fire players often quarrel. You can also use rhymes as a medium to imply PUBG players like this.

Slamming the plate even more annoyed
It’s not cracked, it’s cracked
PUBG kids can tip while shooting
Maybe adapted to the brain

Why HD games when the settings stay low?

Ever annoyed PUBG players that often have HD graphics but actually use low graphics settings? The following rhyme is perfect for you to suggest to PUBG gamers like that.

Walk with Adek
Si Adek wears swallow sandals
PUBG game prides itself on HD graphics
Just stay in the panturane, make it low

Some of the cool Free Fire rhymes above are testament to how creative and exciting Free Fire players are.

That’s it for this article, hopefully the Free Fire player’s rhymes above can make your days brighter!

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