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The most effective builds, spells, and strategies!

Want to get better at playing the heroine Natalia Mobile Legends? Here is the best Natalia build with the most effective burst damage!

In Mobile Legends, Assassin Heroes are needed to kill enemies quickly. Natalia is a recommendation for Assassin Heroes for Mobile Legends pro gamers!

After the latest revamp Natalia, mobile legend heroes can now disappear instantly and use Ultimate twice!

However, Natalia is not a mobile legendary heroine who is easy to master. It takes a lot of practice and strategy to maximize Natalia’s abilities.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best Natalia spells and make recommendations for items based on the skills of this hero from Assassin Mobile Legends.



Natalia Mobile Legends Skills

If you want to master Natalia, you need to know her passive and active skills! Here are Natalia’s hero skills.

Passive Skill: Assassin Instinct

Natalia will give extra damage 15% if attacked from behind. If you attack vassals or jungle monsters, this damage bonus is always active.

By doing bush, Natalia can become “invisible”, aka invisible to the enemy, if she is not hit damage For 2 seconds. This ability is feared by marksmen and mages!

But be careful, within a certain radius Natalia’s visibility will be turned off (if she is recognized, an exclamation mark will appear above their heads)

Natalia’s Stealth Mode increases Movement SPD by 15%. In addition, through a normal attack, this hero can teleport or attack the target, doing 270 physical damage (+ 80% of total physical ATK) and silencing the enemy for 0.6 seconds.

Skill 1: Claw Strike

The active ability of this mobile legendary hero allows Natalia to run nimbly through enemies, dealing damage in the process. Use Claw Strike immediately after the basic attack.

The Claw Dash skill can be used twice when dealing damage to the enemy. Don’t forget to use it to deal extra damage to enemies or minions.

In addition, Claw Dash can be used to escape enemies or pass certain areas such as walls.

Skill 2: Smoke Bomb

Natalia can fire a smoke bomb and the enemy’s SPD is slowed down. Not only that. In the smoky area, Natalia’s attack speed increases and this hero becomes immune to all normal attacks.

Ultimate ability: the hunt

With her ultimate ability, Natalia’s passive ability (becoming invisible) is activated instantly. The normal attack is reinforced and the physical attack is increased.


Recommended spells from Natalia Mobile Legends

Spells Natalia Mobile Legends
Battle Magic Natalia Mobile Legends


This retribution is the primary spell selection that must be included in the spell roster. With retaliation, you can prevent attacks early in the game. Retribution requires a cooldown that tends to be shorter than other spells.

To inspire

One of the players’ favorite Natalia Battle spells is Inspire. This hero gains an attack speed buff and ignores 25 armor for eight normal attacks. Very suitable for 1v1, especially at the beginning of the game.

Use inspiration before attacking and make sure Natalia is near the target before activating the spell. Combine with Claw Strike to pounce on the enemy.

The newest and most effective build of Natalia Mobile Legends

Build Items Heroine Natalia Mobile Legends

Depending on the main objective, many build items can be bought for Natalia. For example, do you focus more on killing enemies with “burst damage”? Or is it more about high HP with less damage?

For those of you who are confused, your focus should be on the highest damage (which is more commonly used by professionals). Combine these Natalia builds with the Assassin emblem for a deadly mix!

1. Fast boots

Fast boots ensure additional speed of movement for Natalia. This mobility attribute is very important for Assassin Heroes, especially when facing Cyclops.

Quick boots are more commonly used than quick boots because they are more effective at roaming the map area for pushing or farming.

When Invisible Mode is inactive, Natalia can run as fast as Lesley using Camouflage Speed ​​Burst!

2. Scarlet Phantom

Scarlet Phantom is a speed and critical combos item. Natalia takes additional damage and increased speed.

If the hero manages to get a critical hit, the attack will be faster and the physical damage will be higher. Fortunately, in stealth mode, Natalia will always get a critical hit using a simple attack!

3. Endless struggle

Endless Battle offers Lifesteal, an attribute that is definitely needed in the game. The Endless Battle item also ensures that Natalia will take additional real damage in addition to normal attacks after using the skill.

Endless Battle also features Lifesteal, an attribute that is definitely needed in the game.

4. Berserker’s rage

Berserker’s Rage deals additional Physical and Critical damage to Natalia. Berserker’s Fury is sometimes compared to Windtalker. So why choose the Berserker’s Fury item?

This item grants a 40% bonus to critical damage compared to Windtalker. That is, players can take 800 critical damage at the start of the game! This way, players can also speed up farming.

5. Blade of Heptaseas

Blade of the Heptaseas is the key to increasing the damage early in the game. The passive ability of this item can increase physical damage by 100% of physical attack if Natalia is not attacked for 5 seconds.

Not to mention the extra HP to help Natalia last longer!

6. Desperate Blade

End Despair for Maximum Damage! This item offers bonus damage up to a critical hit rate to quickly kill enemies.

TIPS: For higher HP you can replace Berserker’s Fury and Blade of Heptaseas with replace Thunder belt and Athens. Don’t worry about damage. This Natalia build continues to deal critical damage from her passive abilities, as well as additional damage from Endless Battle & Thunderbelt. This means Natalia can hold out longer in the arena.


So here are the most effective combat spell tips and build items for the Natalia Mobile Legends hero according to the hero’s abilities, namely, explosion damage by speed and critical. This build combo also maximizes Natalia’s ultimate.

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