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6 Tips and Tricks for Playing the Most Effective Fanny Mobile Legends 2021

Confused How to Use Fanny in Mobile Legends? Here are tips that you need to understand from combining skills to team composition.

Fanny is one of the Mobile Legend heroes who has a very painful attack. But then again, Fanny is very difficult to play for beginners. Without understanding the mechanics of this assassin, you will definitely become a burden on the team.

But no worry! Ligagame has prepared a guide on how to play Fanny in order to maximize the use of this Mobile Legends hero. Let’s follow these steps


How to use Fanny Mobile Legends

1. Practice Steel Cable Fanny Skills

Fanny steel cable

Fanny’s second ability or Steel cable is a very important skill to practice as Fanny is very dependent on this skill. Using a steel cable, Fanny will issue a cable that will attract enemies. This skill can trigger Tornado Strike (Skill 1) and change direction while flying.

This gut skill is very useful for quick farming, chasing enemies, and escaping when you die.

This skill is usually difficult to master as it often fails to hit the target. The more times it doesn’t hit the target, the more energy it consumes. So make sure you practice this one fanny skill so it doesn’t become a burden on the team.

Optional: If your cable usage is incorrect, prioritize upgrading Skill 2 over Skill 1 to reduce energy consumption when using steel cables.

2. Understand the location of the wall on the map

Through the use of skills Steel cable, Fanny will attach the cord to any existing wall. So it is very important for you to learn.

Once you’ve memorized every wall on the map, it is guaranteed that you can fly anywhere quickly without wasting energy not to hit the target.

3. Use Fanny’s ability combination

Each hero in Mobile Legend must have different skill combinations. Use a 2-3-1-2 skill combination for Fanny.

Attack the enemy with Skill 2 and always try to hit the enemy so that Fanny’s energy increases. Then use Fanny’s third skill or ulti while flying.

Do not use Ulti if you are not flying, as Fanny’s Ulti will do more damage while flying. If your opponent was not killed, use Skill 1, then hunt down another enemy with Skill 2.


4. Determine the team composition

When using Fanny there are a few things you need to know about team composition in order to get the best synergy. Below is a recommended team composition to follow:

  • Fanny – top track
  • Hero Tank / Sniper – Midlane (use Red Buff)
  • Half tanks / tanks + fighters / mage heroes who don’t need buffs

Additionally, you shouldn’t use Hero Assassins when playing Fanny to avoid buff issues.

5. Focus on agriculture

fanny farming tips

In addition to its abilities, Fanny Mobile Legend really needs buffs too. Frequent farming will be very profitable for Fanny so that not much energy is used.

Don’t forget to use 2 fanny skills while farming to make it faster and more effective.

With Fanny’s 2nd ability, which enables Fanny to fly fast (good chance of getting gold in the early game too!).

6. Build the best fanny items and emblems

The best Fanny Mobile Legends build

The final tip is to build Fanny Mobile Legends items and emblems.

To build Fanny items, you can use Raptor Machete, Warrior Boots, Bloodlust Ax, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, Blade of Despair, and Athena Shield. After this Build objects complete, sell warrior boots and buy immortality.

There are two emblems that are commonly used for this Mobile Legends hero, namely Fighters and Assassins. League game itself recommends Fanny a fighter emblem.

Emblem Fighter has the “Festival of Blood” talent, which compliments Fanny’s spell and is useful for supporting this hero in the early game.

These are the best tips and how to play Fanny Mobile Legends that you can follow. For beginners it is highly recommended to play Fanny on Custom games first yes!


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