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10 strongest fighter heroes in Mobile Legends to level up

Hero Fighter can be a solution to level up in mobile legends. With HP, armor and high damage, this hero can even carry alone! Here is a list of the best fighters to choose from.

The hero fighter is a very unique role as it can sometimes replace the role of several other heroes such as assassins and tanks.

In addition, some fighters have high damage and defense while also providing crowd control to fight strong enemies. Because of this, choosing the right fighter hero can help those of you who are struggling to level up.

With so many choices of battle heroes in Mobile Legends, you might be confused which one to choose.

Well, in this article, LeagueGame prepared a list of the best battle heroes that you can buy to easily rank up. Watch out guys!


Best hero fighter meta to rank up in Mobile Legends

1. Silvanna


In the Mobile Legend game, Silvanna is one of the best off-lan heroes with quite annoying crowd control (CC) skills.

This hero fighter has the ability to quickly clear waves of minions and immediately have them take part in team fights. Each skill also has CC, which makes it one of the most difficult heroes to master.

In team fights, try not to underestimate him because if you are hit by his ulti, you will not be able to escape.

You can use the vampire spell in Silvanna’s build to increase her durability.

2. Yu Zhong


The new hero was released this June but has become one of the strongest battle heroes in Mobile Legends.

Despite his slow movement speed, this fighter hero has painful damage (similar to Terizla). Any opponent Yu Zhong faced would definitely end up with low HP or even death.

Another benefit of Yu Zhong is his passive ability, which is used to heal his HP. When the build is added with Lifesteal, this hero can last even longer!

In addition, Yu Zhong can also transform into Black Dragon mode and gain CC immunity.

Don’t forget to pair Yu Zhong with Luo Yi for an unbeatable Wombo combo!

3. Roger


Roger is a fighter hero who is often underrated in the Mobile Legends game. But in the current meta it is becoming very popular.

The damage is very painful when only 3 items are collected. A few basic assault attacks are enough to take down the enemy.

Roger’s Skill 1, which makes him a werewolf, provides immunity and is very useful for escaping from urgent situations.

4. Aldous


One of the sickest fighter heroes, Aldous can kill enemies in no time. He has a lot of counter heroes like Chou and Masha. But in the late game, this hero can be called an OP, especially if you can take advantage of the stack.

When Aldous gains a stacking effect, each attack adds 25 points. The only way to stop this hero fighter is to make sure he doesn’t get his stacking effect. So be careful in the early game.

5. Chou


The list of meta-fighter heroes is not complete without Chou, aka the King of Fighters. Even though he’s often in Nerf, this one hero is still going strong. This is because Chou can do anything from solo laning, pushing, farming, to refueling.

In the late game, Chou can only kill enemies with Skill 2 and basic attacks. Chou’s own ulti can give him very strong resistance to kill enemies.




The next strongest fighter hero is X-BORG, especially with the Festival of Blood Emblem. Just like Chou, this hero is often locked in the Epic tier because he has OP skills, from high damage per second, short cooldowns to strong defense.

Due to its passive abilities, the HP X-Borg has a tendency to be thick so you can use it to tackle higher level enemies in the early game. Use a combination of Spam Skill 1 and Skill 2 X-borg to fight 2-3 enemies at the same time.

7. Mandibular head


Jawhead is a meta fighter hero who is often chosen in high level tournaments and matches.

With the right build, this hero can have painful damage and stamina like a tank at the same time, which makes him suitable for the push rank.

Jawhead is also one of the ML heroes who can farm quickly and does high damage early in the game.

8. Khaleed

Khaleed is the newest fighter hero in Mobile Legends who has all the important attributes from mobility, damage, stamina to healing.

This season, Khaleed is a major hero for many players, especially in the early game. Skill 1 Desert Tornado can do high damage and can be used continuously (up to 3 times) if you manage to hit the enemy.

Then Khaleed can use his Quicksand Guard skill to heal in 2-3 seconds and reduce damage from enemy attacks by 50%!

It is no longer surprising that you have to choose this battle hero to rank up to Mythic in Mobile Legends.

9. Masha


The next strongest fighter hero is Masha, who has up to 3 layers of blood. What’s more, you don’t have to do recall because it can regenerate itself in a few seconds.

Masha is also known as the tower woman as many players only use this hero to push the tower. With her first ability, Masha can destroy the tower in the early game!

On top of that, Masha is also the best hero in 1v1 battles, especially against tank enemies like Uranus and Esmeralda.

The agility of this battle hero is also very scary. He has a skill that can increase movement speed, and that skill does not require a cooldown. This ability is very useful for hunting down or escaping from enemies.

10. Gatotkaca


The last is one of the heroes adapted from the Indonesian hero, namely Gatotkaca.

Gatotkaca is the sickest fighter hero and can also act as an operating theater tank due to his passive skills. This hero is most effective when used in a team fight. With his first ability, he can quickly clear waves of enemies.

Don’t forget about the third ability he has, which is to jump far in the direction the player commands.

This is the list of the best hero fighters for your Mobile Legends push rank. Don’t forget to try it out!


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