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The 6 best unbeatable hero combinations in Mobile Legends!

Would you like to know the secret to attracting Mobile Legends pro players? Here is the best Mobile Legends hero combo with the highest damage!

When playing Mobile Legends, Bang Bang doesn’t just attack blindly. You need to think about the right strategy and timing because this is the basic foundation for playing MOBA.

In games, MLBB usually has a design aimed at determining the flow of the game and special strategies according to the mobility skills of the hero to be used.

Mobile Legends requires a good understanding of the skills to create synergy between heroes to perform wombo combos to determine your victory. Some heroes have Area of ​​Effect (AoE) abilities, others are known as deadly crowd control.

These two aspects are important attributes to create a wombo combo during a team fight.

So what are the deadliest duet heroes in Mobile Legends? Here is a duo hero combo that you have to try out Easy profit in the MLBB!



Johnson and Odette

Combined Heroes Mobile Legends

The world’s best-selling tanker in Mobile Legends. Johnson is able to make quick rotations with his Ultimate and guide his teammates through the Land of Dawn trying to catch enemies.

Combine it with Oddette’s ultimate ability who has this long range attack to make a huge impact in team fights.

You simply use Johnson’s ultimate ability to switch to car mode and get Odette into it. Johnson’s stun effect plus Oddete’s ultimate skill hit the enemy in seconds, guaranteed!

No wonder Johnson and Odette are the most popular and widely used Mobile Legends hero combo in season 16!

Leomord and Angela


When Leomord transforms into an equestrian hero, the mobility one gains is greater than before with the Ultimate. Here Angela just needs to be a good war comrade by using her ultimate remedy against Leomord.

After Leomord and Angela team up, their agility and mobility speed will increase due to the effects of Angela’s Ultima. In addition to other effects, Leomord will have greater physical resistance and make players more confident in team fights!

The term often used for this Mobile Legends hero duo combo is Barbarian horse.

Yuzhong and Luo Yi


Do you know Yuzhong and Luo Yi also have the same story? For this reason, Yu Zhong and Luo Yi should be voted the third best hero combo in Mobile Legends.

Yuzhong and Luo Yi are fighter and mage hero combos that are no less popular than the previous MLBB hero combos! Put together the Wombo combo of the ultimate of these two heroes is very scary and more amazing than the Atlas and Luoyi combo.

The combos used aren’t as difficult as you might think either. Luo Yi simply opened the ulti to the team fight area and proceeded by transforming Yu Zhong into a dragon and entering the dimensional room.

As a result, the enemy is surprised by the release of a large dragon. The damage these two heroes do can destroy the war that is taking place. The cooldown effect of these two heroes is usually short, so the skills exhibited are higher than other heroes.

Hence, the combination of Yu Zhong and Luo Yi should be selected in ranked mode to increase your points!

Atlas and Badang


The ultimate combination of these two heroes will cause lethal damage and crowd control.

In fact, the ultimate of these two heroes looks easier in theory since you only need to use the ultimate. However, in order for the combo to work optimally, you have to pay attention to the use of ult from the point of view of gameplay and position.

Badang has to curse in the grass / bush and try not to be seen from the minimap. Followed by Atlas to create an open map. This will lure and find out where the enemy is to rally.

When it’s assembled, it just slams shut! Do not forget follow up from Badang (Tonjok)! This blow and stab death is her nickname.

TIPS: In fact, it just takes the right decision by players using Atlas and contrasted with Badang’s position, which needs to be carefully set up.

Kimmy and Hylos


Kimmy is a hero who has deadly consecutive attacks as well as long range. Kimmy’s quirks would be a great advantage as a lance.

Together with Hylos as a shield, these two heroes make the best combination.

The reason for this is that Hylos is one of the tank heroes that is good to use as it has high durability and ability effects.

This combination of MLBB heroes is guaranteed to have a huge impact from early game through late game. This also benefits the fighters and support as it doesn’t take a lot of rotation to help out teammates.

Tips: Hylos often has to create face-up cards according to your flow of the game to keep Kimmy fighting and farming.

Chufra and Esmeralda


The final best Mobile Legend hero combo is a pair of lovers, inaugurated on February 14th. You can also make the skin pair make it even more romantic by doing the duet combo Khufra and Esmeralda.

As a hero couple, of course, they have a synergy that matches their nickname. A pair of lovers will surely take care of each other, no matter how hard the enemy’s resistance does not undermine the power of love they have, oh so gently!

These two heroes, when standing side by side, will cause a riot that confuses the enemy. Your agility to turn with strong body resistance will be difficult for the enemy to conquer.


Well, those are some of the best Mobile Legends hero combos to combine in Land of Dawn this season. All of this, of course, needs to be carefully considered and the use of heroes at the time of drafting needs to be adapted to your style of play. Might be useful!

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