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Meta Diggie Feeder Mobile Legends: Strengths & Weaknesses

Diggie Feeder is a Mobile Legends meta that’s rife today. What actually is a Diggie feeding strategy? And what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Recently in MPL PH Season 6, Aura PH managed to defeat Execution with a unique Diggie-feeding strategy.

For those of you who don’t know feeding is a strategy in which a given hero dies against the same heroic enemy over and over again. If the enemy is killed, they will receive gold. This enables them to receive items quickly.

In Mobile Legends’ latest economic system update, the gold received will continue to shrink as you get kills in a row. If the player dies 8 times in a row without getting any kills, the enemy will not get any gold from those kills. This is to protect players from deliberate feeding.

If the feeder can (accidentally) get kills, the death rate is reset to 0. So the enemy can get gold again.

Wondering what Diggie Feed is? Below is an explanation, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the meta! Let’s listen!

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What is Meta Diggie feeding?

Strategy Diggie Feed Mobile Legends

Meta Diggie Feeder is a strategy where Diggie intentionally feeds continuously and clings to the enemy’s hyper-carry hero. After you have died a maximum of 8 times, the entire team will no longer receive gold if you kill yourself. From now on, Diggie will continue to redirect enemy hyper-carry heroes without worrying about feeding them.

With his passive ability (Young Again), Diggie stays in the game when he dies and transforms into Egg shape while waiting for the spawn. In this form, players can move Diggie anywhere they are immune to enemy attacks.

On top of that, this one support hero is also hard to kill due to his ultimate ability and crowd control effect.

When Diggie’s passive skills and the anti-feed mechanism are combined, your team can get the upper hand Net worth compared to your opponent. (Like Aura PH vs. Execution)


Benefits of Meta Diggie Feeding

1. Adversary rotation delay

This meta drastically reduces the opponent’s rotation speed. They will continue to focus on you at the beginning of the game, using only one position to secure Diggie.

Additionally, while using retaliation, Diggie can help steal enemy buffs. Not to mention additional passive skills Egg shape which is very effective at stopping recall Opponent.

2. Extra time for farming and push lane

This Meta Diggie Feed gives your Hyper-Carry / Mid-Laner heroes extra time to farm.

While Diggie is busy distracting the enemy and slowing down the opponent’s rotation, make sure the Hyper Carry hero keeps rotating and farming to get as much gold as possible. This way, your hyperhero will receive items faster and gain an advantage over the enemy.

In addition, your off-planner gets extra time to destroy towers and move lanes!

3. Know the opponent’s location

in the Egg shape Diggie, you can get ‘visions’ or vision about the location of the enemy.

Most team fights begin after the hypercarry heroes join the fight. So if you know the location of the enemy hyper-carry hero, your teammates can figure out the location of the team fight that will take place in the next few minutes.

With this vision, your team can also turn freely without hesitation. Most likely, the enemy will use their skills on Diggie, which will make it easier for your team to team up.

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Weaknesses of the Meta Diggie feeding

1. Only effective in early game

The Diggie feeding strategy is heavily based on the early game, around the first 10 minutes. Also, this meta will be less effective because of the very long resuscitation time. So you should finish this strategy before the late game.

2. Not effective on heroes with high mobility

Meta Diggie Feeding is effective only on heroes who walk the map, such as Sagittarius and Mage. Don’t try high mobility heroes like Ling or Fanny because Diggie will have a hard time following them.

3. Need a solo laner

One of the downsides to this meta is that it leaves your team with 4v5. If the tower is destroyed it will be difficult to win later in the game. Therefore, your team needs to have a solo laner who can handle the lane correctly and at the same time to press.

4. Can be countered

Aldous and Hilda are main heroes that Diggie can easily meet.

Aldous can get stacks from Diggie, and of course it gets even more dangerous. While Hilda can get stacks of kills when using her ult. If you can manage to hit the maximum stack, Hilda can easily do it a shot Enemy!

Of course, the enemy can counteract by killing Diggie. This way they can gain more gold and experience. So be careful not to attack the opponent’s hero with very low HP.

Meta Diggie feeding is well High risk, high reward. If the opposing team doesn’t know this strategy, it’s easy to win. If they were aware of this, the opposing team could use this strategy depending on align We.


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