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Faker the 'God' League of Legends sets a new record!

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok once again set a new record in League of Legends (LOL). This 24-year-old professional player was the first South Korean (LCK) player to reach 600 competitive games in the LOL scene.

After being substituted on in the last two T1 matches at the LCK Spring Split 2021, he finally returned to the starting line-up in the game against Nongshim RedForce on Wednesday (3 February). This match is special for Faker as this is his 600th competitive game. This record is a new record and cemented his status as “God” in League of Legends. The match against Nongshim was even more special as T1 won 2-1. In this match, Faker played against one of his favorite champions, Oriana.

Faker has, in fact, been recognized as the greatest League of Legends player of all time. It seems like there isn’t a League of Legends player who has never heard of Faker’s name. Faker’s reputation in South Korea can be compared to boy band BTS and the director of Parasite. Faker has won nine LCK titles and three LOL World Championship trophies!

Yes, when it comes to the League of Legends scene, you can’t escape the name Faker. You could say almost everyone who plays LOL needs to know him. That one player is always a conversation, even in the LOL game itself.

Faker LOL League of Legends Korea

The popularity and record performances are the result of Faker’s hard work during his career as a professional League of Legends player. Curious about Faker? These are fun facts about Faker the “god” lol that can be used for reference while chatting about League of Legends game.

Fun facts about Faker, the “God” League of Legends

Start being a gamer since a boy!
Faker was born Lee Sang Hyeok on May 7, 1996 in Seoul, South Korea. At the age of 12, still a kid, Faker showed an interest in video games. Faker loves MOBA games like Warcraft Games and Chaos Heroes. He then tried playing League of Legends when Riot opened a South Korean server.

Follow Pubstar as a pro player
Faker began actively playing League of Legends in casual mode. On the Korean server, it uses the nickname (Korean, Classical). Skills and quick adaptability keep him looking for challenges until he starts playing ranked games. Back then, around 2013, Faker had a favorite role in the midlane with champions like LeBlanc, Cassiopeia, Zed, Orianna, Ahri and Ryze.
His name began to circulate frequently as a South Korean League of Legends pub star, which resulted in the SK Telecom team looking at him. Faker accepted the offer to join the esports organization in 2013 and left school. That’s when he started to use it Nickname which later became a legend that “Swindler“.

Counterfeiters and fans 1b709

Shinyest LOL Young Player Pemain
As born for League of Legends, Fakers’ talents and skills immediately added to the SKT T1 team. In his debut season, he immediately won the League of Legends: Season 3 World Championship. Faker failed to qualify for the 2014 World Cup finals and returned to the finals in 2021 and 2021. He is one of four players to have won the World Cup in a row.

The most expensive eSports athlete of his time
In 2014, Faker received an income of $ 255,000 per year, or around IDR 3.5 billion. The number was quite high for an eSportsman back then. While the Wealthyperson website is listing, Faker’s net worth ranges through 2021 $ 5 million.

Digital footprint: just enter “faker” on youtube and get “wow” promotion
Yes, you can find a wide variety of video content about Faker’s skills and actions in League of Legends. There are hundreds of videos on the official Faker T1 channel that have been uploaded for about three years. This is certainly not a video made by other content creators. Faker is also familiar and friendly with Tyler 1, a professional gamer also known as the content creator for League of Legends.

Tyler1 Faker League of Legends All Star 2021 948b2

The genius that deserves the award
Throughout his career, Faker has received many best player awards, starting with the 2013 League of Legends Most Valuable Player Award of Republic of Korea, 2021 Legends League Popularity Award, 2021 World Championship Most Valuable Player, and 2021 Game Awards for Best Esports Player. No wonder he has contributed to the name of the South Korean nation in the international esports arena with his prestigious titles and achievements. So if there was news some time ago that Faker had the privilege of not being able to enter the military in his country, it makes sense. Even if it had to be conditional, Faker won again.

Untitled1 24 b84ae

Nickname and reputation equal to legendary athletes
Not only various awards, the games that Faker showed seemed to enchant with magical moments that invited admiration. Because of his brilliant play, Faker is not only called “God”, but also “Son of Wonder” or even “Son of Devil”. Yup, especially the last nickname, you could say that’s due to two things. Firstly, Faker is very good at controlling the champion he plays, so it is difficult to kill the opponent. Second, harass, let alone underestimate, because ‘God’ will take revenge mercilessly.

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As an esports player, Faker dreams of becoming an athlete who lives in the minds of fans and everyone else, just like the legendary Brazilian soccer player Luís Nazário de Lima aka Ronaldo.

Faker and Ronaldo Special c773c

Riot Game Vice President Dustin Beck once called him the “Michael Jordan” of League of Legends. This is definitely a privilege and a great recognition. Although Faker is praised and adored, he remains humble with his fans, for example, he always accepts gifts from his fans and never forgets them.

Counterfeiters and fans e1472544362127 f097e

Well, those are some fun facts and the story of Faker who became a “god” in the League of Legends scene. Every professional player wants to give the best for the team and fans so that they will be remembered forever. Likewise #Indopride who took part in competitions, as well as those who are just about to dive into the professional world!

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