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5 reasons Mobile Legends players are switching to League of Legends Wild Rift

As we already know, Mobile Legends has grown rapidly since 2021. Moonton, as the developer of the Mobile Legends game, has made various developments to reach the MOBA market in Indonesia. Project NEXT Mobile Legends Bang Bang has become an example of the success of this game.

Some time ago, Riot Games surprised the League of Legends (LoL) community in Indonesia with the release of its mobile version League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is sure to be tough competition for Mobile Legends considering how big Riot Games is in the world of gaming and esports.

Because of the same genre, many Indonesian Mobile Legends players have started moving to Wild Rift. Although it’s still in beta, several esports teams have also started forming a Wild Rift division, starting with BOOM Esports, Bigetron Esports, and ending with the Morph Team.

What actually got Wild Rift to grab the attention of Mobile Legends gamers in Indonesia?


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1. Wild Rift is a direct adaptation of League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends is considered the most popular MOBA game with the most players in the world. This game itself has been running for about 11 years and its popularity hasn’t diminished either.

Based on 2021 data, League of Legends is reported to have 8 million simultaneous players playing every day.

What made League of Legends so popular? Of course, there are many elements that influence this. But of course the gameplay and features are designed to always meet the needs of the fans. Riot Games is known as one of the developers who care about their community.

While Mobile Legends itself is only popular in Asia. No wonder players are looking to switch to Wild Rift, which has the potential to grab the attention of the whole world.

2. Scale of the World Championship League of Legends


The eSports community knows the scale of the World Cup, the League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot Games every year.

As proof, the 2021 World Championship League of Legends managed to break the record with a total audience of 99.6 million people. Not to mention that LoL is known as a tournament with a huge prize pool.

This certainly does not preclude Riot Games from hosting a large-scale Wild Rift tournament in the future. Because of this, many esports organizations have started looking for new players to prepare a mature Wild Rift team. It is natural for Mobile Legends players who haven’t had a chance to shine yet for the chance to become a Wild Rift pro gamer.


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3. Huge League of Legends community

lol community

With a large number of players and fans, it’s no wonder the Leauge of Legends community is huge.

Gamers, from professionals to casual gamers, stream frequently and don’t hesitate to share new tips and strategies. Trainers and commentators often do podcasts about League of Legends. Even cosplayers often cosplay Leauge of Legends characters because of the interesting types of champions.

Wild Rift certainly has the potential to gain just as much popularity. While it’s only just entering beta, Wild Rift itself already has an extensive discussion forum on Reddit and other websites.

And if Wild Rift manages to get the world’s attention, the community can get a lot bigger than Mobile Legends.

4. Attractive graphics quality

Whether League of Legends or Valorant, Riot Games always offers graphics that pamper the eye. The trailer that introduces the new cast is made like fans are watching a Hollywood-quality movie. The background story presented is also very interesting!

Recently, Riot Games released a video titled “You Really Got Me,” a cinematic trailer for Wild Rift that shows each champion fighting in a team fight. At first glance, it’s no wonder that gamers are interested in this MOBA game.

5. New challenges

League of Legends Wild Rift Gameplay

Wild Rift is a copy of League of Legends, indirectly this mobile version of the game doesn’t have many changes in terms of skills and gameplay.

Leauge of Legends itself is known for its in-game mechanism, which is much more difficult than Mobile Legends. Fall gets more complicated as there are four skills for each champion, the protection system and the last hit system, buying items to equip them with, and others.

All of these things are sure to be a new challenge for Mobile Legends players.

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