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Chou Freestyle Challenges are becoming increasingly popular with Mobile Legends players

Hello league players! In this article, the author is going to talk about one of the most popular Fighter Mobile Legends heroes since the season began. Who else if not Chou, whom you can call Bruce Lee of Mobile Legends.

From the META Marksman to the META Jungler, Chou really has a huge impact on the match. This hero has heavy crowd control with high damage output, so he is often used for solo kills. Quick hands and timing are keys to this one-hero combat mechanism for stealing kill cores in team fights.

Chou’s popularity has increased since one of the former Evos Legends pro players, Donkey, used Chou as a tank. Also when RRQ’s R7 showed Hoshi Chou’s ability as a fighter in the Mobile Legends event.

Given the flexibility of Chou’s role, there comes a new challenge called “Chou Freestyle”. Mobile Legends players flocked to post interesting and varied freestyle on social media uploads like TikTok and Instagram using the hashtag #choufreestyle.

But what exactly is Chou Freestyle?

Chou freestyle is a trend that has players showing creative quick hand combos when using chou. In general, this technique is only used as a sensation. But when combined correctly, it can create a combo that is guaranteed to terrify your opponents.

This trend becomes increasingly popular when using RRQ R7 Chou in MPL Indonesia Mobile Legends. Seen in the video, R7 often uses Freestyle when trying to kill enemies with Chous Ultimate.

Obviously, this is quite difficult to get right. Judging from the reactions of the other players, you can see that they are quite surprised by the way the R7 plays, especially in large tournaments.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t try! You can spam emoticons and try freestyle using Chous Ulti + Flicker combo.

Here are some Chou freestyle compilations to try as a challenge.

Interesting right? Did you do this challenge and upload it on social media? Share your feedback in the comment column!

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