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The 12 Strongest Heroes in Mobile Legends 2021: Strengths & Weaknesses

Do you want to find a strong hero for mobile legends? Here is a selection of the best heroes and an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses!

No wonder why Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is one of the most popular games in Indonesia. This game is free, easy to download on the phone and can be enjoyed with friends.

There are several roles you need to know about in MLBB: Assassin, Sniper, Mage, Supporter, Tank, and Fighter. Each of these roles has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In general, the most powerful heroes are usually the most difficult heroes to play. It takes time and practice to master the combos and mechanics. After that, you can easily level up and exterminate the enemy! However, there are also heroes that are easy to use and strong enough, perfect for beginners.

To make it easier for you, LigaGame has created a list of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends 2021 based on their roles with their respective strengths and weaknesses! Come check it out!



The strongest hero in Mobile Legends: Assassin

1st guess

gumon hero mobile legends
Image source: mobile legends

Gusion is the best assassin hero with Magic Damage who can quickly defeat enemies through deadly combo skills. This hero has high damage and is incredibly fast.

Gusion is agile in teleporting, allowing you to pounce on enemies and escape danger.


  • HP / low blood
  • Where is the fast
  • Hard to play
  • Weak to deactivation effects like stun, knock, and silence.

2. Ling

ling mobile legends
Image source: mobile legends

Ling is a hero who can control the entire map with his ability to jump over walls and certain areas with no cooldown. It’s also equipped with a speed boost that looks like a cheat code. That makes it very difficult to kill.

This hero can hunt enemies with ease and is suitable for secretly attacking enemies from behind.


  • Where is it wasteful
  • Weak at the beginning of the game
  • Low defense

The strongest hero in Mobile Legends: Marksman

3. Granger

Granger Mobile Legends
Image source: Mobile Legends

Granger is a hero with good mobility and a rondo blink skill that has a low cooldown and is even lower with each attack. The damage done by Granger is terrifying from the beginning to the end of the game.

Granger doesn’t require a lot of mana or range. Unlike other snipers, Granger can use his skills to escape enemies.


  • HP / low blood
  • Weak defense
  • Has no immunity to magic and armor

4. Kimmy

Kimmy Mobile Legends
Image source: Mobile Legends

Kimi has a very high attack speed and can easily kill anyone (including tanks) at the beginning of the game. She can shoot on the move, much like Irithiel, but Kimmy has a much better defense.

Most of the enemies chasing him will die before they can reach Kimmy. This overpowering (OP) hero is a must have for every team!


  • Weak against fast heroes
  • Attacks that are difficult to control
  • Very difficult mechanics to master

5. Lesley

Image source: Mobile Legends

Lesley is arguably the best marksman in terms of distance and accurate shooting, aka Snipers his. This hero has the most critical attack and his ult will continue to follow you across the map. Leslie’s shots can instantly rush to half the HP of several heroes.


  • Low HP
  • Weak defense
  • Weak against tankers and fighters

The strongest hero in Mobile Legends: Tank

6. Johnson

Image source: Mobile Legends

Johnson is the most dangerous tank hero as his skills can slow or stun enemy movements. When its blood is at its lowest, it takes a shield that makes it difficult to kill.

Its ultimate can increase speed and damage. Combine with Gatotkaca for a superior team.


  • Small damage.
  • Need a partner to effectively kill the enemy.
  • Weak before level 4.
  • Long cooldown.


7. Esmeralda

Image source: Mobile Legends

One of the most annoying tank heroes is Esmeralda. Its movements are more like those of a fighter than a tank and can do a lot of damage both magically and physically!

Esmeralda’s advantage is to form a shield, steal the enemy’s shield, and then use it again to form their own shield.


  • Weak against shooters / ranged heroes
  • Where is limited
  • Depends on the buff

The strongest hero in Mobile Legends: Fighter

8. Chou

Image source: Mobile Legends

Chou has a super powerful combination of abilities and can blow up enemies. He is a hero with the best deactivation effect and a short cooldown. Ult Chou can be used again after 35 seconds.

Equipped with tanker items, Chou becomes one of the best heroes to watch out for.


  • Mechanism is difficult to use
  • You need a solid team to kill the enemy
  • The Chou type of tank does not have high damage

9. Aldous

aldous mobile legends
Image source: Mobile Legends

Aldous is a pretty popular hero in season 11. There’s a reason for that! When Aldous first attacks, the damage taken is usually great. On the second attack the enemy is instantly KO It is very brutal!

A good player can carry the whole team with this hero as long as he can farm without competition. With his ult, Aldous can hit the entire opposing team in seconds.


  • At least CC knowledge.
  • Quite weak at the beginning of the game.
  • It takes time to build up stack damage.

The Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends: Support

10. Nana

nana mobile legends
Image source: Mobile Legends

Nana has been in the MLBB game for a long time and has gone through several skill changes. This latest version gives Nana the most balanced and useful skills.

Nana is very effective in crowd control by weakening the enemy. For her ultimate ability, Nana can slow down the enemy. This hero also receives a temporary immortality and a speed boost so he can flee from enemies in an emergency.


  • Low mobility.
  • Low horsepower.
  • Little damage.

The strongest hero in Mobile Legends: Mage

11. Kadita

kadita mobile legends
Image source: Mobile Legends

Kadita has a combo ability that the enemies need to watch out for. When used correctly, this skill can instantly destroy storming enemies. His blink ability makes this hero immune to crowd control and fits perfectly into team fights.

Due to his passive abilities, this hero has very high HP regeneration, especially when receiving heavy attacks from enemies.


  • The ult skill can be canceled before Kadita becomes invincible / invincible.
  • Weak against tanks and fighters.
  • Poke is weak and needs precision for the perfect combo damage.

12. Cecilion

Image source: Mobile Legends

Cecilion is the newest hero to become a magician. This hero is at the forefront of Magic Attack and can support the entire team with unique skills.

Its combo ability lets you pounce on enemies nimbly. Every time Cecilion attacks an enemy, the pool increases by 10 points.

If played correctly, Cecilion can be described as an OP hero. Especially in combination with Carmilla, he gets a bonus skill, namely a shield to save his life!


  • Need help from colleagues, especially at the beginning of the game due to weak defense.
  • Complicated mechanism.
  • You have to farm a lot of items.

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Well, here are some of the strongest hero choices in the 2021 version of Mobile Legends that you need to try! With enough practice, the right strategy and in combination with the right heroes, your team will be unbeatable!

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