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5 heroes for Counter Aldous Mobile Legends & Must-Use Items

Having trouble encountering Aldous in Mobile Legends? This hero fighter has a weakness too! Choose the following heroes and items to effectively face Aldous!

Aldous is one of the strongest fighter heroes in Mobile Legends, capable of defeating enemies with one attack, especially when facing low HP opponents such as shooters, mages and assassins.

When Aldous’ stack is maximally collected, it can be said that this fighter hero is invincible. No wonder many players are overwhelmed when faced with Aldous.

However, each hero in Mobile Legends certainly has their own shortcomings. Understanding the shortcomings of this one battle hero can help you employ the right strategy to counter Aldous.

Some of the best strategies to counter Aldous are choosing the right hero and building items to minimize the damage from his attacks.

Here are the best hero recommendations for Aldous counters as well as a list of the build items to choose from. Take a good look at it!


Best hero recommendation counter Aldous Mobile Legends

1. Chou


Chou is one of the battle heroes with crowd control effects that are very useful for countering Aldous. This hero can also be called calm Tanky and easily escaped from Aldous.

You can also protect archers and mages by using the 1 Chou ability at the right time.

In fact, Chou can spend Aldous using his ultimate combo. However, you can also work with other team members who are high damage. Just make sure to attack when Chou is using his ultimate.

2. Masha


Masha is one of the Mobile Legends heroes with a fighter role often used to counter Aldous.

Masha’s 2nd skill has a disarming effect that is useful for disabling Aldous’ 1st skill. This way you thwart Aldous’ attack and indirectly reduce the overall damage

3. Akai


One of the Mobile Legends heroes with this tank role can be your solution to counter Aldous. Akai can be a lifesaver and can also be a hero to counter Aldous with the help of his teammates.

Use Akai’s ultimate when Aldous approaches. If possible, slide Aldous all the way to the end of the wall to stun. At this point, the other team members could jointly attack Aldous or flee from Aldous. Akai himself can use his abilities to jump great distances and run away from Aldous after using his ultimate.

4. Angela


As a support hero, Angela can protect her friends from Aldous’ attacks by forming a shield around her teammates.

Even if she doesn’t have good CC skills to counter Aldous, Angela can make an impact slower and numb using skill 2.

To counter Aldous effectively, if your friend becomes Aldous’ target, use Skill 2 first. Then use Spam Skill 1 and Basic Attack.

In addition, by selecting Angela, the opposing team can no longer use the Aldous and Angela combination.

5. jaw head

Pine hero fighter ml

Another hero who can defeat Aldous is Jawhead. This fighter hero has the ability to repel Aldou’s attacks and kill him with high damage from skill 1. You can use Combat Spells to Petrify for stun effects and additional CC.

To counter Aldous, use Skill 2 to stop Aldous’ attack, then use Skill 1 to attack.

Did you know Jawhead is also one of the meta fighter heroes this season of Mobile Legends?



Build the best items for Counter Aldous Mobile Legends

1. Twilight armor


Aldous does great damage that can easily kill other heroes, especially non-tank heroes. Twilight Armor has a unique passive ability that limits physical damage to 900 points.

With this item you can reduce the damage of Aldous’ attacks and survive longer. But remember that the passive has a cooldown of 5 seconds!

2. Wind of nature and winter clubs


These two items are great for counter-aldous, especially when used by Marksman (MM) and Mage heroes.

Wind of Nature makes MM heroes immune to physical damage for 2 seconds. This way you can attack Aldous without taking any damage.

The same goes for Winter Club, which makes your heroes immune to physical damage and also freezes the enemy’s active abilities for 2 seconds so that you can avoid sudden attacks from Aldous.

3. Malevolent Roar and Divine Glaive


Build Items Aldous tends to be great Tanky, so you need items with effects penetration Pierce Aldous’ thick armor.

Malicious roar is often used for tank counters as it gives 40%. physical penetration and additional physical attacks for high damage.

Similar to Malific, Divine Glaive gives 40% magical penetration with an active passive that increases your magic damage.

4. Sea halberd


Sea Halberd is highly recommended for HP Rain / Lifesteal Aldous counters. This item can increase physical attack and attack speed. In addition, Sea Hellebard has a unique passive ability that can reduce the HP regeneration effect by 50%.

This item is best for battle heroes, but you can also use it on shooters and assassins.

Well, here is a list of the best build items and heroes to effectively face Aldous. Also, make sure to destroy Aldous’s stacking resources at the start of the game so that you don’t get overwhelmed when you face him in battle late game Yes.


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