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Build the best and worst Lancelot Mobile Legends items of 2021

Lancelot is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who is growing in popularity despite Moonton being completely nerfed. Lancelot as a hero with this assassin role can inflict considerable damage on his opponent. Lancelot’s high mobility and agility will also aid the team’s rotational movement and avoid disabled skills like Eudora, Selena and other heroes.

Lancelot has a role hyper wear due to high mobility and damage. This hero is not as easy as you think because he really requires mechanical skills. Have to be quick hand and know the right timing, break in and hijack enemy cores during team fights.

This time we will discuss recommended build items Lancelot Mobile Legends is the sickest and best of 2021, along with its emblems and battle spells taken from the top 1 Global Indonesia Mobile Legends to keep Lancelot’s hero strong from early to late game.

Build the best Lancelot Mobile Legends items


Raptor machete

It’s safe and there has to be this jungle item, yes Lancelot relies heavily on this item to speed up the farming process and provide more EXP with the jungle.

Robust boots

This shoe gives +22 Magic Res and has the passive ability to reduce the duration of the crowd control effect by 25%. These shoes are great for preventing crowd control, especially for heroes with high magical abilities.

Blade of Heptaseas

With only 1950 gold, Lancelot receives an additional 250 HP and 70 physical attacks. This item also affects Lancelot’s passive. This item’s unique passive gives a 240 Bass Attack. This item is like an early game replacement for KÖR.

Endless struggle

Endless Battle adds quite a lot of stats, namely: +65 Physical Attack +25 Mana Regeneration +250 HP + 10% Cooldown Reduction + 5% Movement Speed ​​+ 15% Life Steal

Passive Endless Combat deals 60% true damage. That will, of course, do great harm to Lancelot. Remember after using the skill don’t forget to perform a simple attack on the opponent’s hero, okay!

Blade of Despair

Desperate Blade deals +160 physical ATK of Lancelot and 25% bonus damage to enemies with low HP.


Of course, in the late game there must be 1 item of defense just in case. Don’t forget this article, it is important!

Optional: You can also use Brute Force Breasprate defensive items if the game has not yet reached the late game. This unique passive item will make Lancelot even more tankier and gain movement speed.

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Recommendation for the Lancelot emblem


You’ll need to use the Assassin Emblem to maximize the abilities of the six Lancelot build items

Level 1: Use 3x Agility Points to increase the movement speed of Lancelot’s heroes.

Level 2: You can use Invasion 3x to add 18.50 Physical PENs. With RpPhysical PEN and movement speed + 9.00%, it will be very useful in early game as well as late game.

Tier 3: Killing Spree is perfect for Lancelot to restore 15% HP and increase movement speed by 20% for 5 seconds.

Battle spell Lancelot

Hyper Carry is already required to jungle with a raptor machete, so retribution is the right choice and cannot be separated from Lancelot’s combat spell.

These are some tips for building Lancelot items, along with recommendations for emblems and battle spells from the top 1 in the world. Good luck, dear league players! For the latest esports and Mobile Legends news, don’t forget to check out League Game Esports, OK!

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