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TH Level 6 COC Guide You Must Know!

Many say that Town Hall level 6 is the start of your journey in the game Clash of Clans. In TH Level 6, you will certainly encounter more different COC players by sharing different bases or villages so you can be sure that the strategies you use will be more diverse. Therefore, this article is going to provide some guiding tips for those of you who already have a Town Hall level 6 base to make playing this game even easier. There are a few explanatory points that you need to know when you have the town hall level 6. Here are the points from your special TH Level 6 COC guide!

TH Level 6 COC Guide, exclusively for you!

Design from the ground up NS Level 6

If you are in TH level 6, you already need to know what type of base will suit you. Suggest that if you have just upgraded to TH level 6 you can use an agricultural base type as you will need a lot of money at this point so that you can build your base even more firmly. After upgrading some of your defense buildings and walls. Instantly redesign your base and you can use a trophy-like base to raise your league level.

Troop composition during the attack

There are so many variations or types of attacks that you can use when you are in TH level 6. You can use troops from Giant, Wizard, and Healer when farming trophies and wars. When farming, you can use troops from goblins and giants as your main troop. Including fairly easy to do farming and trophies once you’ve entered City Hall level 6, if you’ve chosen the right league of course. Suggest getting into the Silver 2-1 league as it is quite easy in this league.

The spell you use

TH management level 6

To help your troop you will need the help of spells. Spells that are very suitable and effective for you are lightning spells and healing spells. These two spells are definitely very effective for you in any situation and can help you in critical situations.

League Yang Recommend: Silver 3-1

TH management level 6

You need to remember not to be too hasty if you want to raise the level of the town hall. First, make sure that all of the defense buildings and walls you are upgrading are at the maximum level. This is so that your base is not easy to attack and can compete with other bases or players. To conduct an attack, you can use a troop with short training time if you want to do farming. It is intended that delay Your time to attack the enemy base will not be too long and you can multiply the results of farming.

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Shut down

So this is the article about your special COC TH Level 6 Guide. How about some Vexa friends interested in following the guide? Or did you even do this guide? Comment in the comment column. Until next time.

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