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25 COC Level 7 Builder Hall Base, you have to know!

In this COC level 7 craftsman hall, you have multiple troop and defense units like the new giant cannon building. The building is responsible for defending your base against multiple ground attacks, and there are also skull troops that are dropped from hot air balloons into your opponent’s base called Drop Ship.
In addition, in this artisan hall you will get several additional units such as: 4 path walls with a total of 20 walls, a hidden Tesla, a fireworks and an army camp. For those of you who already have a base for a level 7 crafting hall and still have confusion about building a base that is not easy to flatten. Before deciding on a suitable artisan hall pedestal, you should first calculate the number of buildings and traps you have. The following are 25 COC level 7 artisan hall bases

Let’s look at 25 COC Level 7 Builder Hall Bases

Base 1 Building hall level 7

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

In fact, in this base, when you see it, it will be easy to destroy. But this base has many entrances and traps that will kill the opposing forces. You can recognize it by the many traps in the entrance and the many protective structures.

Base 2 Building hall level 7

If you see this base has an entrance. But to reach this entrance you will find a lot of traps and get various attacks from defense buildings. This means that the enemy troops have difficulty penetrating the base and have to spread out into different corners of the base, where there are already traps and defensive buildings.

Base 3 Building hall level 7

But this base has a strong wall defense. To make things difficult for the enemy troops, the enemy troops need a lot of time to destroy the walls on this difficulty and you can attack with defensive buildings.

Base 4

Like base 3, but there are two entrances in this base that already have many traps and defensive buildings that attack enemy troops. This base is very strong in defense and will overwhelm enemy forces.

Base 5

Almost like Base 3, this base has a stronger defensive wall and there are several layers of defense that make the enemy troops unfocused. By not focusing on your opponent, you can easily attack the enemy army and you will survive.

Base 6

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

For this base there are many provocations for enemy troops and can easily destroy enemy troops. You can tell by the many defense buildings and bait buildings for the enemy.

Base 7

Almost exactly like base 6, for this base there is actually a bait building for the opponent. This base not only has a lot of bait buildings, but also has a lot of defense buildings that the enemy troops will attack when they want to destroy the defensive buildings.

Base 8

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

Although this base looks weak, it offers a lot of defense from buildings and traps. You can see defense buildings and traps protecting your base player’s hall.

Base 9

Similar to Base 7, this base has a lot of bait buildings and a strong defensive wall. With all of this, it will make it difficult for the enemy to destroy your base base

Base 10

If you look at this base with others, you will find that the defense of this base is only on the front lines. But actually there are a lot of traps in the back and several strong defensive buildings to protect your base.

Base 11

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

There are many defense buildings in this base that will protect your artisan hall. To provoke the enemy, this base places a golden shelter outside the base, which is already equipped with a trap

Base 12

There are many traps for this base to trap the enemy troops. With this trap the opposing army is destroyed. There are also defensive buildings that house enemy troops for both air and ground units.

Base 13

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

When you see this base have a strong defense against the enemy troops. You can see from the many strong defensive buildings to attack the enemy.

Base 14

You can see that this base has a strong wall to block the enemy troops. In addition to strong walls, there are also many defensive buildings that enemy troops can destroy.

Base 15

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

If you see, this base has a strategic defensive position and can protect your crafting hall. The defensive building of this base is a strong group and can easily destroy enemy troops.

Base 16

There are many layers of defense in this base. The shift is supposed to protect the craftsmen’s hall from attacks by enemy troops.

Base 17

The walls of this base are very strong. Make it difficult for your opponent to break into your base. So that your base is well protected.

Base 18

In this base there are 2 destructive buildings that will destroy your opponent’s troops. So that the enemy troops, if they want to enter your base, are destroyed with these troops.

Base 19

For this base, you can see a lot of defense buildings and traps. In this way, your base can overcome different types of attacks from enemy troops.

Base 20

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

When you see this base you will understand that the base has a lot of fishing buildings that will destroy your opponent’s troops.

Base 21

Although this base has easy access to get to BH. But this base has a strong defensive building and lots of traps. So that your base is safe from attack by enemy forces

Base 22

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

If you look closely, this base is easy to attack and gets 3 stars, but this base has a lot of traps and strong defensive buildings on every street in this base. So that your opponent dies instantly when attacking your base.

Base 23

For this base there is a road that leads to BH which has many traps to trap the opposing forces. If the opposing army escapes the trap, your defense building will attack them immediately.

Base 24

In this base, you will have difficulty getting into this base. Since this base has a unique entrance, there are already many traps at this base that attack the enemy troops. There are also defense buildings that will help you attack your opponent.

Base 25

Craftsmen's hall, level 7

You can see if this bese is open once, but this base has a lot of traps and strong defensive buildings to attack your base.

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That is the discussion of 25 COC Level 7 masonry hall bases. Are Vexa friends interested in using the basic recommendation? Or even already with the base? Until another time.

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