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Gowipe TH 9 COC attack strategy definitely works !!

Anyone who is a gamer is probably familiar with the game Clash of Clans (COC). Clash of Clans (COC) is a game with many players. To play the COC game you have to pay attention to the strategy when attacking the opposing village. There are many strategies in the game of COC, one of which is the Gowipe strategy, which is short for Golem, Wizard, and Pekka. But of course there are COC players who cannot use Gowipe’s strategy. The following is the Gowipe TH 9 COC attack strategy.

Let’s look at the Gowipe TH 9 COC attack strategy

Troop composition

Gowipe attack strategy

To start a strategy with Gowipe, you need to use an appropriate troop composition. The following is a composition suitable for the Gowipe strategy.

  • Pekka up to 2 pieces with level 3.
  • Golem up to 2 pieces for those who are already level 4. At level 2 or 3 up to 3 pieces.
  • 2 archers to anticipate defensive buildings in the corners of the enemy base.
  • Wall breakers up to 8 pieces. Because only in the event of destruction were the walls and golems jammed.
  • Wizards as many as the rest of the troop, which is 18 pieces.
  • For the Clanburg troop you can choose Pekka, at least 1 pig rider and magic poison
  • Spells: 3 healing spells and 1 angry spell.

How to use the Gowipe strategy

Here are the steps to use the Gowipe TH 9 COC attack strategy:

  • First you look for a suitable enemy base and one that can be destroyed.
  • Then you look for the right place to be able to set up the troops. You have to be careful when placing the troop that the square must go directly to the enemy base. So the troops can attack the enemy base directly.
  • The first time you want to attack your opponent’s base, you will have to fish by removing your Clan Castle Hog Rider.
  • Next, you must also poison the Clan Castle spell and kill your opponent’s Clan Castle.
  • After your clan castle has disappeared, kill 2 golems in the immediate vicinity. You must also spend 5 or 6 wizards and 4 wall breakers.
  • Next you take out 2 pekka on the side and follow with 2 or 3 wizards.
  • You also need to look at the troops in the middle and cast the 2nd healing spell to protect the wizard who is behind the golem. Then cast anger spell when the wizard is in the middle to speed up the attack.
  • Then you use the final healing spell to protect the wizard and the golem from death.
  • Finally, you can use hero skills to power up your attacks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the strategy Gowipe

Gowipe attack strategy

This Gowipe strategy has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of this strategy have tremendous power. You can see his large body size and also have an extra thick HP. This will make this Gowipe an incomparable experience. Also, this Gowipe has pretty painful damage too, you can see the building collapse immediately at 1am.

There are downsides to this strategy too, the downside of Gowipe is that it moves randomly and you cannot control it. In addition to this, it also has attack speed and is also very slow. Therefore, you need an enraged spell to increase attack speed and movement. You need to remember that if you want to attack your opponent’s base, you must first find a place that leads directly to your opponent’s base. Means that the place cannot have buildings that attract the attention of the troops. This is to allow the Gowipe force to focus on attacking and moving towards the base.

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Shut down

That is the Gowipe TH 9 COC attack strategy. Are Vexa friends interested in this strategy? Or are you already using it? Until next time.

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