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How to farm TH 9 COC using the Babyloon strategy

For those of you who are struggling to farm TH 9 COC to level up the two heroes. You can use the Babyloon strategy which can be the answer to that. The Babylonian strategy is a strategy that uses air troops. Later on, with the Babyloon strategy, you will focus on deploying the baby dragon troops and then combining them with balloons. In the following you will learn how to farm TH 9 COC with the Babyloon strategy.

Let’s see how to farm TH 9 COC using the Babyloon strategy

How to farm the TH 9 Babyloon strategy

Agriculture TH 9 COC

You can only use this strategy if you have unlocked the baby dragon at barracks level 11. You can use them at Town Hall level 9. In the first step you must first destroy the enemy’s air defenses by using the spell combination of lightning and earthquake. Then you can overcome another air defense with the Lava Hound. After two of your opponent’s four air defenses have been destroyed, the baby dragon and balloon can attack your opponent’s warehouse. This corresponds to the purpose of the Babyloon strategy, which is to destroy your opponent’s warehouse buildings in order to gain lots of resources.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Babyloon strategy

Benefits of the Babylon Strategy

  • You are not using Dark Barracks troops so your Dark Elixir is safe.
  • You can easily get a win of 1, 2 stars, even 3 stars.
  • Can fight any type of base with air troops.
  • Will make a big profit.

Disadvantages of the Babylon strategy

  • Elixir costs for training troops and spells are very high
  • Must have a clan whose members can provide Lava Hound

Babyloon Strategy Squad

Agriculture TH 9 COC

Before starting the Babyloon strategy, you must first prepare several troops, including:

  • 10 balloons
  • 19 baby dragons (TH 10 can bring more)
  • 2 lightning spells & 1 earthquake spell
  • 2-3 rage magic
  • 1 lava dog (from Clanburg)
  • Barbarian King & Archer Queen (optional)

Babyloon strategy steps

Below are the steps to attack using the Babylonian strategy:

  • First you have to find the right position when attacking. Make sure the troops you will be using are baby dragons and balloons. You must first destroy the enemy’s air defenses. You can use the combination of lightning spells and earthquake spells to destroy an opponent’s air defenses.
  • In addition, you can overcome another opponent’s air defenses by using Lava Hound from the Castle Clan troops. Lava hound troops can survive enemy air defense attacks. If the Lava Hound is close to the air defense, you can go straight to the next step.
  • Then after Air Defense attacked the Lava Hound. Your baby dragon and balloon can now act. When attacking, you try to make funnels quickly and attack the core of the enemy base. However, you need to quickly destroy all of your opponent’s air defenses. So that the remaining baby dragon and balloon troops can survive.
  • The Baby Dragon and Balloon attack is very effective when attacking in a straight line or two. You will not attack the enemy base in the immediate vicinity as you are threatened with air traps such as Seeking Air Mine and Air Bomb.
  • After you succeed with the above steps, you will have destroyed 40 to 50% of the enemy base. You can clean up using the Barbarian King and Archer Queen. Both heroes have a damage level that can destroy the town hall or enemy warehouse buildings.
  • Barbarian troops and the archer queen can destroy the remaining gold mine and elixir collectors. When attacking a long-abandoned base, this method is very effective at robbing all of its resources.

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That is the discussion of how to farm TH 9 COC using the Babyloon strategy. Are Vexa friends interested in this technique? Or are you already using it? Until next time.

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